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Identifying forks to piece together furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-12
There is an essential difference between 'fork help live' and 'hands on'. 'Hands-on' is based on the principle of repairing the old as before. The specific repairing process is: removing the dirty furniture, patching small parts, connecting the broken tenon, and closing the seam, never changing the original standard of the furniture. For ancient furniture handed down for one or two hundred years or more, it is quite normal. But the 'fork gang' is different, especially the shoddy piece of old furniture with a deceptive nature, and it is even more inappropriate to change the standard of the antique furniture to a nondescript. The commonly used methods are: change the small with the big, change the short with the tall, and change the short with the long. Such 'improved' furniture does not actually have collection value. Here are a few simple ways to identify 'fork-bang' furniture, for readers' reference only. 1. Look at the standard. First compare the furniture with the old furniture map, grasp the difference between North and South and Cantonese style furniture, to prevent the mixing of the craftsmanship of Su, Canton and North. Second, look at the length of the trip and whether the height of the Luo Guoxie is the same. Check whether the wear marks and decay on the bottom of the four feet of the furniture are consistent. Whether the rotten cracks are consistent with the wood texture. If the furniture looks loose and decayed by wind cracking, it is inconsistent with the texture of the wood, and the decay is honeycomb, which is obviously artificial. 3. Peeling and whitening. Whether the whitening part of the furniture should be made step by step, if the boundary is obvious, be cautious. Due to the hot collection of antique furniture and the expensive appreciation space, the antique furniture is relatively well preserved, and the situation of whitening is extremely rare. Fourth, see through the belt, look at the dust. Wearing the belt and the noodles are intact, so be careful when choosing. If it is a repaired edge, the ash will be torn apart. There should be traces of hemp filling and rejection in the threading. The ash does not fade when touched by hand, but the slag falls off. Five, look at the tenon joints. Check whether the tenon is consistent with the mortar and whether the tenon comes out. If it does not come out, choose carefully. Sixth, see whether the three-shoulder part of the furniture is 'hollow' seriously. If it becomes a hare lip, the inner shoulder mouth will be severely 'lack of meat'. Seven, see if the patterns are consistent. For example, whether the position of the 'twisted beadThe meaning of a piece of furniture's ornamentation and whether the thickness of the line is basically the same. 8. Check whether the table, chair, style and standard of the complete set of furniture are the same, and whether the ornamentation is in the same vein. Whether the decorative meaning and corner lines of one piece or set of antique furniture are uniform. If the above-mentioned situation is irrelevant, it is not possible to choose 9. The color of the old furniture is black and dull (padding). Its patterns, lines, furniture components, low-lying surfaces and sunny surfaces have the same colors; non-worn furniture has different oxidation levels, and the colors of the front and back of the furniture will not be exactly the same. This is like when it snows that snowflakes will not fall on people's jaws. Ten, carefully check the furniture tenon and the back of the furniture, there seems to be traces of modern machining. Such as the arc-shaped saw marks drawn by the circular saw blade, the indentation left by the electric plane, and the arc-shaped marks of the electric drill at the tenon-and-mortise structure. 11. Look at the color. The color of the furniture is dark and black, and the color of each part of the decoration is the same. Choose carefully. 12. Look at the texture of the furniture. The size and direction of the broken seam are very important. The direction of the texture determines the size of the seam. If the texture is straight, but the seam is large; the texture is curved, but the seam is close and consistent, you must be careful when choosing 13. See the material. Carefully observe whether there are any signs of new ballast on all structures. If the edge of the texture section and the wiper head are textured or curved, especially the structure is curved, and the structure is very tight or the seam of the structure is opposite to the direction of the texture, pay more attention to the selection. 14. Look at the panel. Due to climate change in recent years, combined with changes in people's living conditions and heating methods, the face core panels of antique furniture have further shrunk. It is normal for the shrinkage joints of the face core of antique furniture to be enlarged. If the gap is not or small, the furniture is either large or small, or 'fork-lifting'. You must be cautious when purchasing.
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