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I don’t understand white oak, I don’t know the American style of home furnishing

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-21
Affected by American dramas, the American style of home furnishing is also widely loved by the Chinese people. In particular, consumers born in the 80s and 90s advocate freedom and simplicity, and Jianmei Furniture fits their life needs and aesthetic appeal. What I have to mention in American home furnishings is that white oak, which is an important raw material for furniture, is abundant in quantity and high in quality in the United States, and of course the price is much higher than in other countries. Today, we are going to introduce white oak furniture. Those who love white oak furniture should not miss it. White oak is commonly known as oak. The scientific name of real oak is oak, which belongs to Fagaceae and Sawtooth oak. White oak is called Sawtooth oak. In fact, white oak is not white. The white wood of white oak is light-colored, and the heartwood is light brown. To dark brown. Because the color of white oak is relatively pure, white oak can be used to process raw wood color or make various dyed wood products and furniture. Oak is mainly produced in Europe and North America. American oak has better texture than European oak, especially in the northern Appalachian Mountains of the United States. Oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight grain, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, and abrasion resistance. However, the wood is not easy to dry sawn and cut. At the same time, if the large area is used in large areas, the degree of deformation is large, and the oak pattern also has straight grain The difference between the horizontal pattern and the horizontal pattern is that the straight pattern is more attractive and the price is slightly more expensive. Pay attention to the use of oak. Many use Southeast Asian rubber wood to pretend to be oak. Pay attention when buying wood and furniture. For rubber wood, the identification method is that the rubber wood has a peculiar smell, which is easy to be eaten by insects and corroded. Related reading: The advantages of noble wood American white oak white oak furniture 1. It has a relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grain and a good texture on the touch surface. It is a tree species with a relatively high texture in the hardness table; 2. The texture is solid and the finished product structure It is firm and has a long service life; 3. High grade, suitable for making high-end solid wood furniture; 4. Good wood properties, and its preciousness is comparable to mahogany furniture. Disadvantages of white oak furniture 1. White oak wood is difficult to process. 2. White oak materials are rare, all imported from abroad, and the cost is high. Therefore, the price of white oak furniture is generally very high. 3. The texture of white oak furniture is very hard and heavy, with high density and difficult to dehydrate, so it is easy to deform. 4. White oak furniture is not resistant to high temperature. White oak furniture cannot be placed on the surface of objects with a temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise the high temperature will destroy the surface texture. 5. White oak furniture is easy to be damaged by collision because of its hard texture. How to distinguish whether the wood of white oak furniture is fine and clean. If consumers buy dark oak furniture, they should carefully check the unpainted parts to see if there is a strong clean feeling unique to oak; whether the wood grain is clear and beautiful. The clearer the white oak wood grain, the higher the value. The rubber wood does not have the characteristic wood grain of oak; whether the wood color is pure or not. White oak furniture is best to choose 'natural colorConsumers must pay special attention to those with darker colors (such as deep red, dark black, etc.) that are labeled as 'oak furniture'. At present, some domestic furniture manufacturers buy a kind of extremely cheap miscellaneous wood to pretend to be oak from Hunan, Jiangxi and other places. This kind of miscellaneous wood is tough and tough and will crack over time; whether the wood is dry. Due to the hard and heavy texture of white oak, it is difficult to remove the moisture. Some manufacturers are eager to make a profit and make furniture without removing the water. It takes a year or a half to begin to deform. Special attention is needed to see if the wood is straight. Oak is prone to 'out of shape' during dehydration, and it is not suitable to be used as furniture material after bending and deformation, but many manufacturers still use this kind of deformed material to make furniture. In fact, at present, red oak is mostly used among furniture materials. Because of the higher price of white rubber, solid wood furniture with white oak as the main material is rare in the market. To a certain extent, it has increased the collection value of white oak solid wood furniture.
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