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I don't know what is water-based paint? Come and increase knowledge

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-21
In the context of a society where everything is environmentally friendly, paint uses organic solvents as diluents, which consume energy, pollute the environment, are poisonous and harmful, flammable and explosive, and are slowly forgotten by people. In 2004, the European Union has legislated to prohibit the production and use of paint. Long-term inhalation of volatile gases from paint can easily cause many serious diseases, such as leukemia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, etc. Therefore, it is imperative to replace paint with environmentally friendly coatings. At present, the mainstream environmental protection coatings are represented by water-based coatings and powder coatings. These coatings are not flammable and non-explosive. Taking water-based coatings as an example, only a small amount of low-toxic alcohol ether organic solvents are used, and the VOC content is low. It is used on wet surfaces and humid environments. It can be directly coated for construction; water-based coatings have good adaptability to the surface of the material and strong coating adhesion. Compared with traditional coatings, environmentally friendly coatings have an incomparable advantage. ▲Water-based paint Water-based paint refers to the paint that uses water as a solvent or as a dispersion medium. It is roughly divided into three parts: emulsion (resin suspended in water), additives and pigments and fillers. The resin is the core of the paint. Comparison chart of the composition of water-based paint and solvent paint ▲The advantages of water-based paint Comparison chart of water-based paint and solvent paint Low cost, convenient construction, and no pollution to the environment. Eliminate fire hazards caused by solvent volatilization during the production and construction of solvent-based coatings. Reduce the harm of harmful organic solvents to the human body. Related reading: How to distinguish between water-based paints and ordinary paints ▲The use of water-based paints Architectural coatings, industrial coatings, home improvement, furniture, automobiles ▲2015 Global Coatings Top 10 Data Source: WPCIA, Top 10 statistics based on the company's 2014 fiscal year
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