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Huanghuali's new 'brother'? The true body of red sandalwood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-28
In recent years, as the price of Hainan huanghuali has skyrocketed, it has become the undisputed leader among precious woods. As the saying goes, 'the poor are in the downtown area and no one knows, the rich have distant relatives in the mountains.' Vietnamese huanghuali, big-leaf huanghuali, red sandalwood, purple oil wood, etc. have several similar 'brothers' with Hainan huanghuali. . In 2014, Haihuang had a new 'brother' entering the country to 'recognize relatives'. Speaking of this kind of wood, the name is confusing: it is called red sandalwood in Guangdong; it is called Central American Huanghuali in Zhangjiagang; in Fujian, some businesses call it Angolan Huanghuali. During the Spring Festival, a timber developer returned to the production zone during the Spring Festival. If you look at the cross-section of the logs that were just cut down, they are indeed somewhat similar to the logs cut from sea yellow. The logs are peeled and sawn. The patterns are indeed very beautiful, but at this link, it may be possible Few people will confuse Hainan Huanghuali. Including that after being made into a blank, it is still very easy to distinguish, and it is impossible to pretend to be a huanghuali. However, after “deep processing” such as color mixing and rubber milling, it is indeed a bit confusing. See the picture below: Although 'Central America' u200bu200band 'Angola' are easy to think of as their origins, in fact, they have nothing to do with Central America, and Angola can basically be excluded. According to feedback from several senior timber merchants, the currently determined origin of this kind of timber is in Zambia and Tanzania, and most of those entering the country are from Zambia, while neighboring countries such as Angola have not heard of it being produced. In addition, it is difficult to ship timber from Angola. (It is said that) currently only one company in China is qualified, so Angola can basically be ruled out. According to the developer, the local name of the wood species in Zambia is Mkulasinga, and the scientific name has not yet been provided by an organization. Related reading: 1 catty of huanghuali can be exchanged for 40 grams of gold! Because the names of Central American huanghuali and Angola huanghuali are easily misleading, here, we will call it the relatively unmisleading 'Dalbergia'. It is reported that the wood species is currently mainly used as materials for handicrafts in China. According to the timber developer, it is also red sandalwood, and its material varies greatly. Dalbergia, which grows on the mountain, is generally purple in color, dense, can sink in water, and has better oiliness, but it is generally smaller in diameter and difficult to obtain for furniture. The ones that grow on flat ground are aniseed, but the color is lighter, the density is also lighter, they often do not sink in water, and the oiliness and stability are also relatively poor. The following picture shows the red sandalwood growing on flat ground: It is reported that when the wood is wet, it has a smell similar to herbal medicine, but it is basically tasteless after drying. The wood species is currently mainly used as materials for handicrafts in China, and there are some controversies about the future potential of this wood species in the industry, and it still has to be tested by manufacturers and consumers. Acknowledgements: The above materials come from: Mr. Jin Wenxian, Shang (Wood and Wood Finance) Family, Mr. Su Rongzhen, Mr. Zhangjiagang Mao, Cao Loujie Muye, Mr. Wu Chenghong and other Mu friends, thank you! (Source: Dongyang Redwood Timber)
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