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How to store men's wardrobe smartly

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-12
'Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.' Men and women think differently and behave differently, so they dress and store differently. So how should a men's wardrobe be able to not only reflect the true nature of men, but also make life free? 1. Tie pulls to the side Anti-slip and easy-to-separate tie is a must-have for men in the workplace, and it is also the most distinctive clothing decoration. How to store ties better? You can use the wardrobe door or the corner space to store ties to distinguish ties of various colors. The stainless steel tie rack wrapped in suede can also prevent silk ties from slipping off. 2. Utilize the trouser rack. Without leaving a trouser rack, it can store a large number of formal pants, and it is not easy to produce creases, and it will not mess up other trousers when taking it. It is a good helper to save wardrobe space. The pull-out trouser rack is used to store formal pants that need to be hung, and can be arranged neatly according to the color of the trousers. 3. Increase the shelf. The shirt is returned to the man's wardrobe to find a suitable location for the shirt. Because the first thing a man does before going to work is to find a suitable shirt. It doesn't cost much to increase the shelf, but it can put the shirts in place one by one without wrinkles. The color and version of the shirt can be displayed at a glance, which is more convenient for comparison and retrieval. 4. Deep and shallow drawers are classified and placed in order to find a suitable match before going to work or attending various occasions. The meticulous men's wardrobe divides the drawers into different categories. After the drawers are opened, different depths can be displayed. The upper narrow and deep shelf can store watches, notebooks, jewelry and other sundries, while the lower width is mostly used to store large pieces of clothing. Extended reading: Different storage strategies for single couples and a family of three 5. Use hangers to store freely. Since male wardrobes are mainly shirts and t-shirts, basically only need to set up a short clothes hanging area, which can leave more Space is used to place drawers and shelves. Set up a hanger that can be stretched flexibly, which is convenient and simple when choosing tops. 6. The single wardrobe is divided into half for young unmarried men who have just entered work. Generally, there are fewer clothes, so only a simple wardrobe is needed. The hanging area and the shelf area can be set to account for 50% of the wardrobe. In order to adjust at any time according to living habits and future living conditions, you can set more movable shelves and adjustable drawers and baskets. 7. Positive and negative shoe racks. Efficient storage of shoes is also essential. The irregular shape of the shoes makes efficient storage a problem, but those built-in small shoe racks made of elastic plastic can be used to make full use of the symmetrical shape of the shoes. By stacking the front and back, you can cleverly solve more pairs of shoes. The storage problem. Extended reading: Make the best use of space, teach you 6 ways to win the bedside storage 8. Use the bottom drawer to store the bottom of the large wardrobe, and don’t forget to use it. The lower position and the deeper depth make the bottom of the wardrobe the most suitable for setting up large deep drawers. Some clothes that you don’t wear out of season, thick quilts, blankets and other items that take up space can be collected, and you can see them at a glance. 9. List of clothes. The upper and lower layers can effectively partition the wardrobe space according to height and living habits, so as to achieve better organization. For example, from bottom to top: the bottom trousers rack is for trousers, while the drawers can be used for underwear; the middle shelf area is used to store the most commonly used shirts, belts, glasses, etc.; the upper hanging area is used to place easy-to-fold outerwear. Extended reading: This is the wardrobe storage skills that the hostess has to learn, and the storage of men can also get rid of the abyss of 'sloppy otaku' and embark on a 'sunny and organized' journey of a good man!
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