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How to repair the damaged leather sofa

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-10
The surface of the leather sofa is painted, polished, and waxed, so there will be products of various colors of cowhide on the market. It's easy to repair like the sofa is not badly damaged. You can go to the furniture store to find a salesperson and ask them to find a repairman in the furniture store for home repairs. Generally, there will be 1-2 such professional leather repair workers in the furniture city. Apply a certain amount of primer to the sofa and spray the same paint on the sofa. Or you can go to a large supermarket to buy a special spray paint-the size is the same as the mosquito spray. Available in various colors, repair it yourself. It can also be repaired with eggs. First, you need to beat an egg. As long as the egg whites, then adjust some paint, as much as possible to adjust the color of the leather of your sofa, and then use the egg whites to mix thoroughly, apply to the injured leather, it is fine, keep it Don't wipe it with water, it won't fall off, and it won't come out unless you take a closer look. When it's dry, put on the leather brightener, and it's even more okay. This is how normal leather repairs are done! If you are very concerned about the damage of the sofa and want to completely replace the leather, the cost is not high, but it requires labor and skinning, which is more troublesome. Related reading: How to repair a hole in the sofa?
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