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How to refurbish old furniture? Wood furniture renovation method

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-09
Looking around the furniture that I have carefully selected in my home, due to the accumulation of time, the furniture has appeared dirty, scratched, or even cracked and deformed, which makes people uncomfortable to look at. It's a pity to lose it, and it will cost a lot of money to re-purchase. If you can refurbish these used furniture, you can not only save a large part of the cost of decoration, but also make the whole room look new. 3 small tricks can make old furniture 'replace the old look with the new look'. Coup 1 Make a soft bag for old furniture. Soft sofas that have been used for many years are most suitable for secondary decoration with a fabric cover. The wooden seat Sogou, which has a blunt sitting feeling, can also be 'soft-wrapped' with fabric. The author learned from major home furnishing stores that upholstered furniture brands can freely customize the colors and patterns of fabrics, and many sewing shops also provide door-to-door services for measuring furniture dimensions and making cloth covers. If you want to save money, consumers can also make cloth covers by themselves. Tip: Choose a suitable fabric to cover the part of the furniture that needs to be wrapped. For example, to make a sofa cover, you generally need to cut out the back piece, backrest piece, seat piece, and front piece (you can also add a lotus under the front piece). Leaf edge), two side pieces (if there are armrests, cut a few more pieces). When reserving the edges, you can leave more points to prevent improper cutting. If it is made of floral cloth or plaid cloth, pay attention to the pattern. Coup 2 Old Furniture Refurbishment Stickers The most popular 'furniture renovation stickers' on the network are made of PVC plastic, with rich varieties and colors, easy to paste, and can be washed with water. It is a widely used wallpaper in home decoration. After the sticker is affixed to the surface of the table, there will be no flanging phenomenon. This kind of sticker can be peeled off with a slight heating with a hair dryer, and it is easy to replace if you don't like it. Tip: When buying a wall sticker, make sure that there will be no offset printing or discoloration when you tear it off. Some stickers have a big smell, and families with pregnant women and children should avoid using them. If you like the European style, you can paste the 'hat brim' pattern on the top of the furniture. If you like the Chinese style, you can paste some hollow floral decorations on the part of the furniture. These small objects can be purchased or customized in some shops selling European and American furniture and Chinese furniture. Coup 3 Repainting the old furniture without changing the original furniture structure, repainting is undoubtedly the first decoration method that people think of. Especially for wooden furniture, consumers have been tired of old wooden textures over the years. Experts remind consumers that not all furniture is suitable for painting. The surface of the board furniture is often bonded with a layer of melamine board, which is difficult to peel off, and the surface is painted with paint, which has poor adhesion. In contrast, Lu Ding Ji, solid wood furniture is more suitable for repainting. Tip: In terms of paint, you should also choose a product with the same properties as the original paint on the surface of the furniture to prevent chemical reactions between the old and new paints and cause wrinkles on the surface of the furniture. In addition, if the water-based wood paint is applied, the wood itself will easily absorb water and cause instability. If the problem is serious, slight bulging and deformation will occur. The oil-based paint is relatively stable. The painting process of old furniture The painting process of old furniture is more troublesome than that of new woodenware. There are generally three types of paint renovation for old wood furniture: primary color renovation, additive color renovation, and color modification renovation. In addition, it can be refurbished by pasting wood-grain paper and gluing melamine plastic veneer. Specifically, different construction methods shall be adopted according to different situations. (1) Newly painted old white blank furniture: Some white blank furniture has been used for a long time. Although it has not been painted, the surface has been stained with oil. In this case, as long as sandpaper is used to remove the stains, and the oil stains should be scrubbed with gasoline, the construction can be carried out according to the wood coating process. Some woods are drier, not painted, but painted with tung oil. In this case, as long as the tung oil is completely dry, scrubbed and smoothed with sandpaper, it can be constructed according to the wood finishing process. (2) Refurbishment of the original color: The wood has been painted with mixed paint, but the color is not good and needs to be repainted. The refurbished color is the same as the original color. There are also two ways to deal with this situation. One is that there is no need to lift the bottom, as long as the oil stains on the paint film is scrubbed with soapy water or gasoline, it can be repainted. The other is to require all the old paint to be removed before painting. When removing the old paint, you can tie an old cloth or yarn with one end of a wooden stick, dipped in caustic soda solution or sodium hydroxide solution, and wipe all of the old paint surface 1~2 times. After seeing the old paint peeling off, quickly rinse it with clean water. Solution and old paint, then wipe dry with a cleaning cloth. If there are few places where the old paint is not removed, you can scrape it off with a glass sheet and wipe it with a dry cloth to repaint the original color new paint or other colored paints and varnishes. The preparation method of caustic soda solution: take 0.5 kg of dry quick lime, 0.25 kg of soda ash, and 3 kg of water. Pour the clean water into a clean wooden bucket or iron bucket first, and then soak the lime into the clean water. Dry lime will expand and heat up when it meets water, which will make the water boil and become lime slurry. At this time, a certain proportion of soda ash can be put into the lime slurry, and then the two can be mixed evenly with a wooden stick, and then it can be used. Sodium hydroxide solution preparation method: take 0.1 kg of industrial sodium hydroxide and 0.5 kg of warm water at 60~80ºC. Put the sodium hydroxide in an iron bucket, and then pour warm water into it to become a sodium hydroxide solution, ready to use.
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