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How to match the color of the wardrobe with the floor

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-15
When decorating the bedroom, the color matching of the floor and the wardrobe is also very important. There are many colors of the wardrobe, and we must consider whether the color of the floor and the wardrobe are coordinated when buying. European-style wardrobes and dark floors are matched with European-style decoration. The owners are mostly high-income people such as bosses or corporate executives. They pursue a noble life and yearn for a European petty bourgeoisie lifestyle. Generally European-style wardrobes are divided into light-toned white and dark-toned apple wood. White European-style wardrobe, white wall or European-style wallpaper with light-colored floor, such as: light gray (gray is a universal color), light blue, light oak, light white maple, light cherry wood, etc. And the dark apple wood color, or dark purple, dark gray European cloakroom or wardrobe, must not be matched with light-colored floors, this will make the floor very low-grade, and dark floors should be used with dark wardrobes. The pastoral style should be matched with the solid color floor. The fabric in the pastoral style is very important, so the floor color should be pure, and the wardrobe should be mainly in medium color. Black, white and gray all-match style wardrobes and floors often see black, white and gray decoration, but white decoration is the main one. This is a single color point, a pure color point. Choose similar colors, but also distinguish the same color of the floor and the wardrobe. Extended reading: There are many ways to price a custom wardrobe, which is the most cost-effective?
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