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How to match furniture colors

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-12
For interior decoration, color is extremely important. Through the association of visual experience, you can make different color effects produce different mental feelings. First, don't kill dark green floor tiles. Second, the space color cannot exceed three types, among which white and black are not counted as colors. The third, without the guidance of a painter, the best gray scale of home furnishings is: the walls are shallow, the ground is in the middle, and the furniture is deep. Fourth, do not put together materials with different raw materials but the same color series. Otherwise, you will have half the time to make mistakes. Fifth, gold and silver can contrast with any color. Gold does not contain yellow, and silver does not. Contains off-white. Sixth, do not use warm colors in the kitchen, yellow is outside. Seventh, if you want to make a bright and modern home air, then you should not choose things with big flowers and small flowers (plants outside), and try to use plain colors. . Article 8: It is necessary to use the same color scheme if the space is not closed and run through; for different closed spaces, different color schemes can be used. Article 9: The color of the ceiling must be lighter than the wall or the same color as the wall. When the wall color is dark, it is necessary to choose a light color for the ceiling. The color of the ceiling can only be white or the same color as the wall. Extended reading: The color and feng shui taboo of the bathroom are usually restricted to three colors in the usual interior depiction. Of course, this is not certain. Since professional interior painters understand the deeper color connections, they may use more than three colors, but they usually only exceed one or two. Constrain the definition of three colors: 1. Three colors refer to the colors of ceiling, wall, floor and furniture in the same relatively closed space. The living room and the master room can have different color schemes, but if the living room and the dining room are connected together, they are regarded as the same space. 2. White, black, gray, gold, and silver are not counted within the constraints of the three colors. But gold and silver usually cannot exist together, and only one of them can be used in the same space. 3. The color of pictures shall prevail. The method is to squint to see its main color. But if a single color block of a large picture is very large, the same must be regarded as one color. Extended reading: The relationship between the color of the cabinet and the feng shui, the mental function of color, and the analysis of human beings are animals with colors. This is because people can not only recognize colors, but also have a natural need for color harmony. The harmonized colors make people active, bright, relaxed, and uplifting; on the contrary, the unharmonized colors make people feel depressed, depressed, heavy, and tired. When you are preparing to decorate the room, the adjustment of colors should be based on your feelings. As our surrounding environment and natural colors are often right and wrong, everyone will have different mental and physiological reactions to various colors. . Red: Among all the colors, red can speed up the pulse beating the most. Touching too much red will make people feel stressed and anxious. Touching red for a long time can make people tired or even exhausted. Therefore, there is no special situation, the living room, bedroom, office, etc. should not use red too much. Yellow: This color is often used in the costumes and courts of ancient emperors. It can give people a noble and charming image. It can affect the energy system and digestion system. It can also make everyone feel bright and happy. It helps to improve the ability of logical thinking. If a lot of golden yellow is used, it simply presents a sense of instability, leading to arbitrary actions. Therefore, yellow is best blended with other colors for home decoration. Green: It is the main theme of the forest, it is full of vitality, can remind people of rebirth, prosperity, health and eternity. It is also a symbol of justice, quiet, intelligence, and humility. It helps digestion and calmness, promotes body balance, and is active. It is extremely beneficial for people and those who are under stress. Natural green has a certain effect on defeating fainting fatigue and depression. Blue: The most reminiscent of the blue sea, the profoundness, loftiness, long-term, composure and ambition. Blue is an extremely calm color, but from the perspective of depression, it also simply arouses depressed, impoverished, indifference and other passions. It can also relieve severe mood, relieve headaches, fever, insomnia and other manifestations, help adjust body balance, and make people feel elegant and quiet. Orange: can generate vitality, appeal to appetite, and help calcium absorption. Therefore, it can be used in restaurants and other places, but the saturation should not be too high, otherwise, it may make people too excited and present the result of a bad mood. Purple: It has an inhibitory effect on the motor nervous system, lymphatic system and heart system, can maintain the potassium balance in the body, and make people feel safe. In short, when we are thinking about the color handling of the room, we must understand the usual mental effects of color, and we should also pay attention to the effects of color on the day. In this way, your room will be both elegant, warm, and conducive to physical and mental well-being.
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