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How to identify furniture wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-08
For home decoration and furniture production, wood and wooden products are widely used. However, many people do not know much about wood knowledge, and some operators deliberately use consumers to mislead the lack of wood knowledge. Experts say that wood also has differences in its name and quality. The difference between cherry wood and Southwest birch: Sample map of cherry wood timber in some areas There is a phenomenon in the flooring market that deliberately pretends Southwest birch as cherry wood. These two types of wood are not the same type and grade of wood at all. Southwestern birch is the wood produced in Yunnan, my country. Cherry wood is mainly imported from North America. The two are similar in color, but they are different in wood, wood grain, and structure. The price of Southwest birch is relatively low, and the import cost of cherry wood is more than 10,000 yuan per cubic meter, so pay attention to identification. The difference between rubber wood and poplar wood: Rubber wood wood model map. At present, most of the red oak and white oak wood on the market are imported from the United States. They are hardwoods and cost about 10,000 yuan per cubic meter. Rubber wood is used after the production of rubber sweat. Wood, its texture cannot be compared with oak. The difference between beech and beech: Beech wood model diagram These are two types of wood with different materials. Beech imported from European and American countries has better materials, and the import price is several times that of domestic beech. Domestic beech, also known as Shuiqinggang, is a wood that is different from beech wood in terms of structure and grain. Its price is low. It is wrong to deliberately call beech flooring and furniture as beech products in the market. The difference between Liuan wood and Southeast Asian miscellaneous wood: Liuan wood sample map The real Liuan wood is produced in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The 'meranti tip' can also be called Liuan wood. Some operators in the market refer to the lower-grade miscellaneous woods from Southeast Asia as 'Liu'an' and 'Nanyang matureBecause the market price between the two differs by nearly 1,000 yuan per cubic meter, and the material is fundamentally different, there is also misleading misleading of mixing catalpa with 'southern cypress' and labeling American cedar and hemlock as 'mei pine'. Phenomenon. Consumers should be alert to this. How to prevent being deceived when buying wood and furniture? Experts reminded that the best way is to compare and identify. You can go to some formal business enterprises and large wood furniture stores to learn more about related wood and furniture knowledge, or to obtain corresponding reference materials (some stores will provide samples), and then compare purchases at other stores, and then 'shop around' and 'prices' 'Better than three' then you will buy genuine products at a reasonable price.
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