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How to divide so many rosewood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-07
I don't know when it started, there are all kinds of rosewood materials circulating on the market: Huanghuali, Caohuali, and Big-leaf Huanghuali make people silly and unclear. So what is the difference between these seemingly similar materials, and how do we distinguish them? What are so many huanghuali? First of all, the most accurate interpretation of 'rosewood' is the seven woods in the rosewood category of the national standard Pterocarpus in 'Redwood'. They are: Big Fruit Pterocarpus, Indian Pterocarpus, Vietnam Pterocarpus, Andaman Pterocarpus, Hedgehog Pterocarpus, Cystic Pterocarpus, and Bird's Pterocarpus. They are all genuine mahogany. Hainan Huanghuali is also known as 'hypertensive woodHuanghuali is very easy to survive, but it is extremely difficult to become a wood. A tree with a thick bowl can only be the size of a rolling pin, and it takes hundreds of thousands of years to grow to become a fruit. Its wood is hard, and it is a superior material for making classic hardwood furniture. According to records, as early as the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the Hainan huanghuali wood species was on the verge of extinction. At present, the common huanghuali varieties on the market are produced in Vietnam and Myanmar. The color is brighter and the taste is stronger, but the texture and level are messy. Extended reading: How many generations did it take for Huanghuali to be commonly known as Dayehuanghuali, scientific name: Longleaf Magpie Kidney (Streblussp.); Commonly known as: Dayehuanghuali, Jinxinghuanghuali, Indonesia Huanghuali, Golden Huanghuali; Hainan Huanghuali has similar wood grains, so it is called Dayehuanghuali. It seems to the outside world that Dayehuanghuali is pretending to be Hainan Huanghuali, the so-called 'Panlong Fufeng'. In fact, this is not the case. Although the hardwood of Dayehuanghuali is not a mahogany, its material is quite high-quality. 'Caohuali' is neither the scientific name of any kind of plant, nor the name of any kind of family, genera or species. It is just a general term formed by the people and the market. The wood it refers to varies from time to time and from region to region. This is why businesses can write about this name. Distinguish the two steps: the wood grain of Huanghuali may be hidden or visible, vivid and changeable, like the shape of wheat ears and crab claw patterns, carefully observe whether it is clear, natural and smooth. The color of the heartwood and sapwood of yellow rosewood is quite different. The heartwood is light yellow, golden yellow, reddish brown, dark brown and other shades of different shades, often with dark brown stripes; the sapwood is grayish brown or light yellow brown. Use a knife to cut some sawdust to observe the color, and the shredded pieces are placed in the water, and there will be a layer of oil-like oil on it, shining with a blue light. Compared with Huanghuali, the pattern of rosewood has less changes, the pattern is slightly scattered, there is no pattern, and the grain is not dense enough, and the brown eyes are thicker. Caohuali has rough wood, brown eyes are too large, and the color is yellowish, dry and dull. Compared with 'HuanghualiDayehuanghuali is shiny and slightly woody; its structure is fine and uniform. It is hard and heavy, with clear wood texture, with dark brown or purple-brown stripes in the wood grain, like clouds and flowing water, and 'ghost face' patterns can be seen. The appearance is exactly like Dalbergia odorifera. Smell: Huanghuali new knife noodle has a pungent and spicy pungent, and it has a light fragrance after being left for a period of time. Dayehuanghuali has a slight woody aroma. Rosewood has a long and mellow aroma, and people also give it a reputation-fragrant pear. Another important point is that if the shape and texture of an old piece of furniture show the characteristics of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, it is more likely that this piece of furniture is rosewood, and it must be carefully screened.
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