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How to distinguish the quality of furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-08
Faced with countless furniture brands in major furniture stores, knowing that the quality of furniture is a prerequisite for us to buy furniture, I will introduce you to several simple and effective methods: Method 1: See if there are any panels with panels Locally, you can look at wood. Most of the products sold on the market are MDF, particle board, and solid wood. The density board is divided into high density and medium density, and the method of distinguishing depends on the fineness of the wood fiber inside (there is no miscellaneous wood residue). Looking at the hardness of the wrench, the higher the hardness, the better the density. Distinguish the quality: use your hands to pull it out. If you can easily pull out the inner system, it means that too little resin glue is used. If you put heavy things on it, the joints are easier to loosen. The second method of discrimination is to smell it with the nose (still formaldehyde), so as to prevent him from using fake resin glue, or not resin glue at all. Method 2: If the cabinet is left with the door closed, you can open the cabinet door and smell the pungent smell inside. If there is, the formaldehyde exceeds the standard. The furniture in the middle is absolutely unacceptable. Extended reading: the material used in solid wood furniture is very simple to distinguish solid wood. Look at the texture. The texture of solid wood is relatively natural, and then look at the edge (see if there are seams to prevent it from being pasted). The most important thing about the paint is to look at the brightness (you can see whether it is painted or baked or painted free). Painting, that is, artificial paint, is divided into painting and spraying. Painting is mainly for wood grain, and varnishing is mainly for pure color. In terms of brightness, there is basically no paint layer, and the hand feel is too smooth, because It is polished with gauze. The paint-free gloss is basically very small, not too bright, and the art is ugly, which is the most inferior. The paint should be relatively good, whether it is from the gloss or the hand feels very good, the distinguishing method is the color and gloss. The color is pure and the brightness is uniform. Regarding the color, it depends on the overall tone of your home. Generally, there should be no more than 3-4 main colors in a house, or it looks messy, like a public place.
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