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How to distinguish the different types of rosewood, rosewood, rosewood and rosewood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-09
According to the currently used 'Redwood' (GB/T18107-2000) standard, mahogany is divided into 5 genera, 8 categories and 33 species, among which red sandalwood, rosewood, huanghuali, rosewood, chicken wing wood, etc. are the most common. In addition to the precious materials used in mahogany furniture, the obvious ethnicity in its shape and craftsmanship is the most attractive part for many collectors. So, how to distinguish different types of mahogany? Tell you the different characteristics of mahogany furniture so that it is easy to distinguish. Five genera and eight types of mahogany. Chicken wing wood grain is similar to chicken wings. Chicken wing wood is a tree species of the genus Cladosporium and Tielia. It is named after its wooden texture resembles chicken wings. Chicken wing wood was once called 'Hainan Wenmu'. Some are white and black, and some are yellow and purple. The oblique saw wood grain presents fine flowers and clouds. In addition to the fine texture, there are purple-brown crab claw patterns, which look exactly like In addition to the characteristics of chicken wings, its longitudinal section is more slender and floating with wood grain, which naturally forms various figures and landscape patterns. Many red sandalwood tree rings have twisted silk patterns. According to the traditional new and old red sandalwood, it is believed that 'the old one is purple, the new one is red'. According to actual observations, the red sandalwood is mostly black rosewood, and the old red sandalwood is traditional. Know the red sandalwood with cow hair pattern. At the same time, the color of red sandalwood presents the role of a rhino, and it becomes purple-black when exposed to the air for a long time. The annual ring pattern of red sandalwood is mostly twisted. Some people call it crab claw pattern or cow hair pattern, although there are also straight wires. However, there is always a twisted silk pattern when you look closely; the red sandalwood has fine bristles and heavy wood. When making red sandalwood furniture, it uses its natural characteristics and uses the light element method without carving. The rosewood smells sour. There are many kinds of rosewood, which belong to the genus Dalbergia of the subfamily Dalbergia in the legumes. They are roughly divided into three types, namely black rosewood, red rosewood and white rosewood. Their common feature is the smell of edible vinegar during processing, hence the name rosewood. It is worth noting that among the three kinds of rosewood, black rosewood is the best. Its color ranges from purple red to purple brown or purple black. The wood is hard and the polishing effect is good. Some are very close to red sandalwood; while red rosewood The texture is more obvious than the black rosewood, the texture is straight, and the color is mostly maroon red; the white rosewood is much lighter than the red rosewood, and the color is close to that of Caohuali. Related reading: The origin of the small leaf red sandalwood Nepal red sandalwood Huanghua pear has a clear texture and fragrance. Huanghua pear is also called presbyopic pear. In traditional concepts, it refers specifically to Hainan yellow pear. It belongs to the genus Dalbergia of the leguminous butterfly flower subfamily. It is mostly found in Guangdong. Call this wood 'fragrant sticksTherefore, in the production of furniture, the whole body light element is generally used without carving, so as to highlight the natural beauty of the wood texture. However, most of the popular 'Huanghuali' on the market are Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc. The color texture is slightly similar to Hainan yellow pear in antique furniture, but the color is not as bright as Hainan yellow pear. The value of rosewood between new and old rosewood is different. Large rosewood has bright colors, clear texture, and beauty. There are also new and old ones. Among them, new rosewood refers to all kinds of grass pears, and the wood color is red and yellow. All kinds of Pterocarpus pears mainly produced in Southeast Asia, Guangdong and Guangxi of my country belong to the genus Pterocarpus, while the palm trees mainly produced in southern my country belong to the genus Adzuki beans, but the genus Adzuki beans is no longer in the 'five generaRelated reading: The name evolution of Hainan Huanghuali
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