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How to distinguish the authenticity of antique furniture? Teach you 13 tricks

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-08
In the past, ceramics, calligraphy and painting have always been the mainstream purchases by the leisure class. Nowadays, traditional furniture that integrates carving, inlay and even painting arts is more and more popular. Compared with other categories, furniture itself has the characteristics of combining artistry and practicality, which is both comfortable and durable. Traditional furniture has become an indispensable embellishment on the walls of people's living rooms. The profound cultural connotation of traditional furniture has been recognized by more and more people, and its prices at auctions at home and abroad have also been rising. A piece of exquisitely crafted classical furniture, from material selection to production molding, has to go through several steps such as natural drying of wood, drawing drafts, roughing roughing, solid carving, fine carving, polishing, waxing or painting. It takes time and labor, and the finished product is meticulously carved. The fine and meticulous, handed down excellent furniture is generally a perfect combination of 'material beauty and ingenuityHowever, the current 'antique' furniture, driven by profit, just wants to make shaped furniture as soon as possible, immediately sell it, and sell it at a good price. Naturally, it will not follow the steps in the furniture production process. It will just cut corners and cut corners. '. Such finished furniture products have either been deformed or warped after being used for a period of time, or the carving has been rough. Under close inspection, some parts of the shovel are not polished in place, there are knife marks or stubble on the corners, and the patterns are blurred. , The scenery is terrible. Therefore, if you want to find a piece of classic furniture that you want when the counterfeit and inferior goods are full of purpose, the first thing is to develop a pair of insights to distinguish the authenticity and to achieve the purpose of removing the fake and keeping the authentic. In view of this, relevant experts have specially written articles to reveal the secret tricks of these antique furniture. The author now quotes the results of these experts and combines his own years of experience, and is summarized as follows for reference during the appraisal. The first measure: 'Rare' with more than less is an important manifestation of the value of ancient furniture. Therefore, many furniture dealers have remodeled the relatively rare half-tables, generous square tables, small square tables, etc., which have been handed down more and less valuable, into relatively rare drawer tables, strip tables, and Go tables. In fact, the restructuring of ancient furniture by speculators varies from tool to tool and has many methods. It is generally difficult to distinguish without careful research. The second measure: As the years go by, many ancient furniture are often exposed to the sun and rain, poorly preserved, and the components are severely damaged and damaged. It is extremely difficult to repair them as they are. Therefore, some people's congresses are engaged in transplanting flowers and trees, transplanting the residual structure of different species to make up one. Pieces of ancient furniture that are difficult to belong to and are nondescript. However, this kind of ancient furniture, which is neither a donkey nor a horse, and lacks both practical value and collection value, is very easy for ordinary people to be deceived. The above-mentioned counterfeiting methods are commonly used in changing canopy beds into Luohan beds. There are many components in the upper part of the canopy bed, and it is detachable, so it is easy to be lost in the handed down. Furniture dealers often cut off the canopy bed base behind the column, with a canopy bed on three sides, imitating the Luohan bed for sale. The third trick: speculators sometimes change the original structure and decoration arbitrarily. For example, some people think that Ming-style furniture that looks relatively 'plain' (no decorations, carvings) may be older. As a result, the decorations on some precious and handed down furniture were deliberately removed to pretend to be older furniture. This kind of fake behavior is also a kind of destruction. The fourth trick: dismantle one set of two to make use of the complete ancient furniture, dismantle it into multiple pieces, in order to make high profits. The specific method is to disassemble a piece of ancient furniture, imitate one or more pieces according to the original components, and then mix the new and old components to assemble two or more pieces of original furniture each containing some old components. The most common example is to change a chair into a pair of chairs, or even put together four pieces into one. The false claims are restoration of old objects. This kind of forgery is the worst. It is not only extremely deceptive, but also severely destroys precious ancient cultural relics. If we find in the visual inspection that more than half of the components of the identified furniture are post-matched, we should consider whether this is the case. The fifth trick: make good use of the inferior wood furniture to make good use of the characteristics of hardwood furniture, which is not easy to distinguish, and the furniture made of inferior wood is mixed with the furniture made of better wood. The materials of ancient Chinese traditional furniture are mostly made of extremely precious red sandalwood, huanghuali, chicken wing wood, iron, mahogany, etc. Although these woods have their own physical properties in terms of specific gravity, color and texture, but due to the growth area Differences in the age of growth, the shift of the location of the wood (such as sapwood, heartwood), and the change in the angle of the sawing when cutting the material, there will be a phenomenon that is contrary to the standard wood pattern in the book, in the natural color It is very easy to confuse with the texture, so that the driller has an opportunity to take advantage of. In addition, even if the natural color is inconsistent with the high-end wood, speculators will change the wood color and pretend to be high-end furniture.
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