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How to distinguish solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-08
Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of wood-tenon frame structure, natural wood as the main body, and artificial board and other materials. How to distinguish solid wood furniture? Take you to learn. One listen: the echo is even if it is not solid wood furniture, it will be very dull to knock it up, because it is not solid wood or composite board. The density of the composite board is uneven, so the auditory effect produced by the sound has a kind of hazy feeling. Second look: the curvature and the curvature and pattern of wood-grain solid wood furniture can only be achieved by cutting, and doing so will waste a lot of wood, so ordinary manufacturers will not use this method, so if there is a very curved shape It is best for consumers to do a professional appraisal. Another magic weapon for identification is to see whether the wood grains on the front and back of the same position are the same. In addition, some woods have specific surface characteristics, which can be regarded as natural business cards that cannot be imitated. Three touches: The wood grain is natural and smooth without seams. When you touch it, you can feel its wood grain very clear and smooth. The quality of small furniture can be identified by the wood grain feel, but if it is a large piece of furniture, it must be spliced u200bu200btogether, which is not accurate by touching it. It depends on listening. Extended reading: The understanding of solid wood furniture and the misunderstanding of shopping guide remind you that choosing the furniture is only the first step. If you want to keep the solid wood furniture from generation to generation, remember to maintain and maintain them regularly.
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