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How to distinguish rubber wood from oak

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-09
Rubber wood is a plant that produces rubber latex. It is the backbone of the rubber tree, a subtropical tree species. After the rubber tree grows, tap the rubber every year. Use a knife to cut a semicircular incision on the trunk horizontally and slightly downwards. The juice that flows out is the raw rubber, which is the raw material for making rubber. When the tree grows old, its trunk can be used to make furniture. Rubber wood oak belongs to the Fagaceae and Quercus genus. The oaks on the market are roughly divided into red oaks and white oaks. However, red oaks are not red and white oaks are not white. The color distinction is not very obvious. The main point of the distinction lies in wood. The difference between tube holes and forest rays in science. How to identify rubber wood and oak: Oak furniture has fewer high-quality tree species and higher prices. Because of its distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, the clearer the oak wood grain, the higher the value. The rubber wood does not have the wood grain characteristic of oak. Oak has a unique sense of fine cleanliness. However, the commonly used dining table has more dark colors, so consumers can carefully check whether there is any coloring. There is also to see whether the wood color is pure. Oak furniture is best to choose natural color type. The color of oak furniture rubber wood is not pure, there will be spots, black spots and other phenomena. Consumers should pay special attention to those with darker colors (such as deep red, dark black, etc.) that are labeled as 'oak furniture'. For consumers, simple identification methods can be used: oak wood is very hard and feels heavy, making it difficult to nail nails on it; rubber wood is relatively soft and lighter in touch. In addition, cut off a small piece of wood on the cross section of the two types of wood, and use a magnifying glass to see the texture of the cross section. If the tube hole is thick and loose, and the wood rays form a network, it is rubber wood; if the tube hole is small, The wood rays are very beautiful, some are tree-like, some are handprint-like, or oak. Extended reading: Rectification of rubber wood is not necessarily worse than oak
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