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How to distinguish between cherry wood furniture and southwest birch furniture? What is the difference between cherry wood and southwest birch?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-09
Cherry wood and Southwest birch are very similar in color and pattern. In order to make more profits, some illegal businesses will use Southwest birch as cherry wood, but the two types of wood are very different in material and price. The following will take you to analyze in depth from several aspects, what are the differences between cherry wood furniture and Southwest birch furniture. Cherry wood wardrobes First of all, from the point of view of the origin, cherry wood is distributed in various regions of the eastern United States. The main commercial forests are concentrated in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York. Betula platyphylla is the southernmost species of Betulaceae in the northern hemisphere. It is concentrated in the southwest, south, southeast of Yunnan, and the west, southwest, northwest of Guangxi and southern Guizhou. These distribution areas are connected with the distribution areas of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, forming the central distribution area of u200bu200bBetula platyphylla. Secondly, from the color point of view, the color of the heartwood of cherry wood ranges from bright red to brownish red, and the color becomes darker after sun exposure. The wood of Southwestern birch is light reddish brown with a slight luster. Third, from the performance point of view, cherry wood is easy to be machined, nails and glue are fixed well, and it produces an excellent smooth surface after sanding, dyeing and polishing, and it is dry. It is fast, and the shrinkage is quite large during drying, but the dimensions are stable after drying. The density of cherry wood is medium, it has good wood bending performance, low rigidity, medium strength and anti-vibration ability. Cherry wood is a kind of heartwood with decay resistance wood. Its white wood will be eaten by common furniture beetles, and its heartwood has a moderate anti-corrosion treatment agent penetration. Cherry wood has fine and uniform straight lines, smooth texture, and naturally contains brown core spots and small gum nests. The wood of Southwest birch is not warped or cracked, has a small shrinkage ratio, is not easy to deform, and has beautiful patterns and colors. It has no special smell and taste. The texture is straight or slightly staggered. The structure is medium to coarse and uneven. The wood weight is medium; dry shrinkage, strength Low to medium, good drying performance, stable performance after drying, very wear-resistant. Wood is not easy to impregnate and has strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for manufacturing high-end furniture, flooring, sleepers, etc. Related reading: How about cherry wood furniture? What is the difference between cherry wood and southwest birch? The above is the theoretical difference between cherry wood furniture and Southwest birch furniture. In fact, the two can also be distinguished in terms of price and pattern: 1. The pattern of cherry wood is V-shaped, and the texture is relatively twisty; The pattern is mostly straight U-grain; 2. The surface of cherry wood is also irregularly distributed with some black spots; Southwest birch has no black spots; 3. In terms of price, the main production area of u200bu200bcherry wood is in the eastern United States, and the price per cubic meter is more than 10,000; The main producing areas of southwest birch are in Yunnan and Guangdong, and the price per cubic meter is more than 3,000; 4. Cherry wood is imported wood and will have a quality inspection certificate; therefore, if the merchant claims to be imported cherry wood furniture, consumers must remember to request The seller issues the relevant import declaration form and quality inspection certificate. Tips: When buying furniture made of high-grade wood such as cherry wood, the merchant must show '1 book, 1 certificate and 1 card' to protect your legal rights and interests. Related reading: How to buy white cherry furniture
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