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How to design a home bar counter or bar cabinet by yourself?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-09
If in your eyes, the kitchen is still just a place for cooking, then it is obvious that you are out. Nowadays, the kitchen has long been separated from the simple role of cooking, and has developed towards multiple functions such as cooking, dining, gathering, and leisure. The kitchen is no longer the dirty, messy and unsightly place that people think of, but has become a fun space. Even, you can transform it into a small family bar at any time through clever design and custom furniture. When friends come, there is no need to invite them to the bar to sit down. In this unique family bar, you can get the atmosphere and casualness of the bar, and you can also enjoy the warmth and privacy that the bar does not have. , Your taste in life and fashion taste will surely make the guests enviable. So, how to create an emotional bar in the kitchen? If you want to design a home bar by yourself, you should pay attention to the design of the three main parts, namely the style and material selection of 'bar counter, bar cabinet, and bar stool'. There is no bar counter in the family bar, and there is no way to talk about the family bar. In an open kitchen, you only need to add a little decoration to the partitioned table, such as displaying famous wines and unique wine glasses, interesting artworks, and emphasizing some modern elements in color, and you can turn it into a simple The beautiful small bar adds a lot to the kitchen space. The bar counter is a workbench for preparing drinks and preparing fruit bowls. It is also a countertop that people lean against when sitting and drinking at leisure, and can also be a practical light table. Most of the bar counters are double-layered. The upper layer is a drawer for storing chopsticks and spoons; the lower layer is a grid-like storage space for placing unusual cups, pots, utensils, etc. The bar counter has single-layer countertop, double-layer internal split, two-end split type, and two-layer one-end drop type. In addition to the use of the dining table, at the beginning of the design of the kitchen, you can also add a bar counter to the island cabinet, which saves space, and also makes the kitchen more layered and jumping, avoiding dullness and monotony. The bar cabinet of the family bar The bar cabinet has the functions of storing beverages, fruits, tobacco and alcohol, cups, basins, and utensils, and has important display functions. The structure of the bar cabinet can be designed by hanging, wall hanging, individual independent, embedded in the wall and other methods. The shape of the bar cabinet includes lattice type, cabinet type, fire wall type and so on. Don't underestimate the bar stools in the family bar. If matched properly, they are the most charming scene of the bar. If the countertop design of the bar counter is above 1.20 meters, it can be matched with a round bar stool with high feet, which is fashionable and casual, or it can be matched with a square wooden stool. The design of the bar stool emphasizes the flexibility of sitting angle and the simplicity needed to set off the main body of the bar. It pays special attention to the refinement and exquisiteness of the shape. There are many types of bar stools. Generally, they can be divided into two types: central axis steel pipe bar stool with rotation angle and adjustment function and fixed high-leg wooden bar stool. Related reading: The purchase principle of family bar stools should pay attention to three points when designing bar stools. First, the bar stool surface and the bar counter surface should maintain a drop of about 0.25m. When the countertop is higher, the corresponding bar stool seating surface is also higher; secondly, the stool and the lower end of the bar should be provided with supporting rods for supporting the feet, such as steel pipes, stainless steel pipes or steps; in addition, the taller bar stools It is advisable to choose a form with a backrest, which will make it more comfortable to sit up. The wine rack of the family bar recommends that users order a dining table or island cabinet with a wine rack according to their needs. The island cabinet has a certain distance from the cooking part of the kitchen, which is more ventilated and can maintain a certain temperature, so the built-in wine rack is more suitable Store red wine. The wooden wine rack itself is a work of art, and the fine wines placed on the rack not only make the kitchen more cultural and stylish, but also become a beautiful landscape in the kitchen. The lighting of the home bar is very important to the home bar, and the use of light streaks can create a gorgeous and romantic atmosphere. To this end, you can either design an arc window above the dining table with exquisite and small shade lights, or install a few spotlights in the transparent kitchen window adjacent to the bar or in the open kitchen cabinet, which is not bright but warm. Under the rendering, a very emotional bar was born. Related reading: What should you pay attention to in the feng shui of the bar? The music of the family bar puts a small but unique speaker in the kitchen, which is not only an ornament, but also the best product for creating a mood. Through the connection with the music storage to click on the music that suits your mood, then your kitchen bar can't be more perfect.
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