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How copper pieces add the finishing touch to mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-04
When talking about mahogany furniture, people usually care about its material, craftsmanship, shape, price, etc. One detail is often overlooked, that is, the copper work of mahogany furniture. The craftsmanship of a piece of mahogany furniture is fine or not. Some manufacturers often pay attention to the big appearance and ignore the small details. However, as a consumer, they have to pay attention to the details. Whether the copper work is exquisite and exquisite, the test is the quality of the mahogany brand. Consumers may wish to pay more attention to the copper work of the furniture when buying furniture. Copper work is a professional term in the mahogany furniture industry, and many consumers may not be very clear about it. The copper work of mahogany furniture is some metal components used on the furniture. These components not only support the bends, but also use copper blades or other metal objects to wrap the joints for reinforcement, such as cabinet doors and Hinges at the joints of the cabinet body, door handles, drawer handles, hang tags, etc. Among the mahogany furniture, there is no more copper work than cabinets and top chairs. Because the top chairs are often bent and supported in structure, even the tight tenon and tenon joints cannot guarantee the safety of their load-bearing needs. Make copper work play an important role. Without copper work, it will not be able to open and close, nor can it guarantee safe use. Related reading: Recognizing mahogany, first look and then smell the copper work on mahogany furniture. Metal components used include tag, leaf, loose leaf, foot cover, horn, cow nose ring, etc. The production process of copper parts is divided into: hollow, engraved flower , Da Mao, etc. Metal components play a very good decorative role on mahogany furniture. How to appreciate the pros and cons of the copper work of mahogany furniture? The pros and cons of copper work are mainly judged from these aspects: 1. Material copper parts From the material point of view, brass is the top grade. With a long history, an oxide layer is formed on the surface of the brass, which is full of antique color and complements the hardwood. Moreover, it has high hardness, is not easily deformed, is corrosion-resistant, and feels delicate and moist. Therefore, bronze culture has an important embellishment in mahogany furniture. 2. Modeling must be scientific in terms of modeling. For example, to make a drop-shaped copper ornament, the proportions are appropriate, and it must match and be harmonious with the whole object. If a huge top cabinet is equipped with a small drop of water, it will definitely be uncoordinated. The ornamentation on the copper piece must imply auspiciousness, and it must have a source. Because these decorative patterns are not groundless, they are all exquisite and cannot be matched randomly. Of course, they have to be matched with the overall utensils. If the patterns on the overall objects are elegant patterns such as 'Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum3. The copper pieces on solid mahogany furniture are not only decorations, but also an important part to ensure the safety and firmness of the furniture. Therefore, whether the copper pieces are firm or not is an important indicator of copper work. If the copper parts are not tight and strong, the mahogany furniture cannot be opened or closed, such as drawer handles, cabinet door hinges, etc. If the copper parts are not strong, the drawer will not open, the cabinet door will not open or close. , Will bring trouble to use. 4. The safety of safety copper parts cannot be ignored, too sharp sharp corners, etc. should not be used. The sharp corners not only make people feel insecure, but it is also easy to scratch people when used. Special envoys have children at home. It's dangerous if it hits a sharp corner. 5. Craft copper parts also pay attention to craftsmanship. Good craftsmanship of copper parts should not leave burrs to avoid scratching fingers. The surface is also fine and smooth, and the corners should be rounded, without sharp corners, and the patterns on the copper parts should be exquisite and beautiful. Through the above aspects, the quality of the copper work of mahogany furniture can be fully identified. When buying mahogany furniture, consumers may wish to carefully touch the copper work on it.
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