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How about wood wax oil paint?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-27
Wood wax oil is composed of vegetable oil and wax (collecting sunflower Sunflower, soybean Soybean Oil, Linseed Oil, Thistle Oil, and hard wax Carnauba Wax and Candelilla wax as raw materials), and contains a small amount of solvent naphtha; It does not contain benzene solvents and lead additives. The coloring pigments are generally minerals, which meet the standards of children's toy coatings and are more environmentally friendly. This is actually the best paint for people who pursue the natural texture of solid wood. Wood wax oil no longer protects wood products through a fully enclosed paint film. It is a pioneering work in the coating industry for wood wax oil. Wood treated with wood wax oil not only has a unique natural texture, but also provides a skin-like touch. The usual paint will form a plastic-like film on the surface of the wood, making it easy to touch no matter what kind of wood. It is a cold polymer material. The wood products treated with wood wax oil are closer to people, and the construction operation is very simple. Just wipe it 1-2 times with a brush or a clean cotton cloth, dry it and polish it with a scouring pad. There is no technical difficulty for anyone, and it is very suitable for DIY, which will make the maintenance and maintenance of furniture a healthy and happy thing. Wood wax oil penetrates into the wood, which will deepen the color difference of the wood itself. The advantages of wood wax oil: rapid drying, and the industrial production of wood wax oil can be achieved by using a specific desiccant. Intimate contact with the wood surface: due to the use of environmentally friendly plant products, and the transfer of chemical elements will not occur after drying. Excellent insulation: the protective layer formed by the wood wax oil and the surface of the wood is a good insulating material. Anti-static: The protective layer formed by the wood wax oil and the surface of the wood will not generate static electricity. Regulate natural humidity: Because vegetable oil penetrates into the wood surface and does not form a protective layer of the paint film layer, humidity can be exchanged through the pits of the wood, so as to avoid the uneven moisture content of the wood caused by the low indoor humidity, so that the stability of the wood can be guaranteed . Natural respiration: Wood can breathe freely not only to ensure the stability of the wood, but also to slowly release some of the inclusions in the wood (scientifically ascertained: there are many beneficial inclusions in the wood), thereby obtaining natural Healthy environment. Excellent durability: The wood wax oil surface will not form a protective layer on the wood surface like a painted surface, so we cannot require its wear resistance like a paint. These are two different concepts. What we should be more concerned about is durability, that is, the length of time it is used. Practice has proved that the wood coated with wood wax oil has been properly used and maintained, and its use time is far longer than that of painted wood surfaces. Anti-yellowing: By using the correct wood wax oil products, yellowing and redness of coniferous wood and light-colored broad-leaved wood can be prevented. Easy to repair: Because wood wax oil penetrates into the wood, it is not easy to be damaged, and it can be easily repaired by repairing oil after damage. Environmental protection: As wood wax oil does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances to the human body, it is used more and more widely. Disadvantages of using wood wax oil (colorless matte hard wax oil) to treat S04 table (white oak) wood wax oil: wood wax oil is not perfect, can not prevent violent damage, can not prevent wood from getting old, it just delays the deterioration of wood Old, let the wood and the person who own it go through the years and slowly grow old together. Haha, or it's not old when you get old. I think this is in line with the mood of many people who want to own solid wood furniture. In addition, the surface finished with wood wax oil has an open effect, without the fullness and filling effect of paint, and the hand feel is not full. The surface hardness and abrasion resistance also mostly depend on the properties of the wood. For those who don’t like it. Maybe it's a shortcoming. The scope of application of wood wax oil Wood wax oil is a paint that can and can only work on wood, while other paints are paints that can work on wood. That is to say, wood wax oil can only be applied to solid wood furniture or woodware. Because it does not contain protective film ingredients, it has certain hardness requirements for the working wood. For example, the soft solid wood is not suitable for wood wax oil, because the nail will leave a mark when it is pinched. (Current hard wood wax oil can indeed be used for slightly softer wood, but I keep a wait-and-see attitude.) It is also best not to use wood wax oil for all composite woods, including solid wood veneer laminates, let alone density These materials must ensure the absolute isolation between the material and the air, otherwise the moisture-absorbing composite material will foam and mold, or the formaldehyde will be slowly released into the indoor air, unless you are very confident in the environmental protection standards of composite wood. It is not even suitable for finger joint boards, because wood wax oil will completely expose the texture of the material, and the covering ability of commonly used wood wax oil is very limited, and the effect of dealing with chromatic aberration is not good. The maintenance of wood wax oil is generally household. If there is no damage, it will only need maintenance for 1 to 2 years. Partial maintenance is also particularly convenient, because wood wax oil can be superimposed. It can be partially repaired by grinding directly, because its principle is to dissolve plant fibers instead of forming a hard shell on the surface. Just wipe it 1-2 times with a brush or a clean cotton cloth, dry it, and lightly polish it with a scouring pad. DIY is very strong, and there is no technical threshold for operation.
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