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How about volunteering for the college entrance examination to major in interior and furniture design? Which schools offer furniture design majors

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-29
The 2014 college entrance examination has just ended, and many students are beginning to face the first important choice in their lives: to fill in their volunteers. As the saying goes, men are afraid of getting into the wrong line and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Now, whether boys or girls, it is very important to choose a profession that suits them and has development prospects. So, how should students who are interested in furniture design or interior design choose? Analyze it for you. The major of interior and furniture design belongs to the broad category of architecture. Interior and furniture design is only one direction of environmental art design, commonly known as 'small ring art'. In China, interior and furniture design majors are either under the name of art design major or under the name of industrial design major. Its successful establishment requires considerable humanistic accumulation, and moreover, it needs strong support from architecture, planning, gardening, and wooden houses. Foreign interior and furniture designers attach great importance to the original design of interior and furniture, and often set up independent design studios. Their design works have achieved market-oriented operation and formed a relatively complete interior and furniture design result purchase mechanism. With the rapid development of the real estate market and the rapid development of the domestic interior design industry, many interior design companies have emerged across the country, and they need to absorb many talented and creative interior and furniture designers to enter the interior design industry and decoration industry to engage in interior interiors. And furniture design, therefore, the career prospects of interior and furniture designers are optimistic. Actually, the interior and furniture design majors are really well-run universities in Europe, especially in Northern and Western Europe. The interior and furniture design majors of domestic colleges and universities have not been opened for a long time. The 'ranking' is really difficult (the first few are not very different). This article is only based on the number of relevant doctoral and master supervisors, experimental training conditions, and industry evaluations. According to industry insiders, colleges and universities with excellent Chinese characteristics in interior and furniture design are often located in forestry universities (most of them have been transformed from wood science and engineering majors, and have even retained the science and engineering furniture design and manufacturing majors). Secondly, It is a college of architecture and fine arts. The most outstanding schools in China that offer this major are: 1. Nanjing Forestry University: It has the earliest furniture design doctoral program in China, with many famous teachers, and the 'garden' is leading in the country. What is more commendable is that the latest ranking of the Ministry of Education for Architecture is also good. Unfortunately, it is not 211 colleges and universities. 'Furniture' is stronger than 'indoor'. The industry authoritative journal 'Interior Design and Decoration' comes from this school; 'Platform' has leading doctoral programs in wood science and engineering and furniture design in China. The landscape is strong. Its forestry engineering is ranked first by the Ministry of Education in the latest discipline. However, due to geographical limitations, there is no architecture major {only urban planning major}, But the school is rigorous, and 'furniture' is better than 'indoor'; 3. Beijing Forestry University: 211 colleges and universities, selected as '985 platform'; located in the 'Imperial City RootThe professional is complete, and the garden is very powerful. Compared with furniture design, its environmental art is more NB, 'furniture' and 'indoor' are more balanced; Beilin has a pretty good job for graduate students. 4. Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts: 211, 985 academies; special attention is paid to the organic connection between architecture and furniture. Strictly speaking, 'architecture' and 'furniture' are originally integrated; in China, Tsinghua's architecture and planning are among the best. Unfortunately, furniture Design and manufacturing and even gardens are shortcomings. 5. Central South University of Forestry and Technology: It has the earliest undergraduate major in furniture design in China, with complete PhDs and masters. Hu Jingchu is his head professor, Lian Po is old, non-211 colleges and universities, 'furniture' is better than 'indoor'; 6. Central Academy of Fine Arts : A pioneer in the combination of furniture design and fine arts, non-211 colleges and universities, its interior design is more prominent; 7. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts: South China leader in furniture design, non-211 colleges, interior and furniture are more balanced, Wang Shouzhi, etc. The school; 8. South China Agricultural University: A leader in furniture design among agricultural colleges. It is not a 211 college, but its own conditions are good. It has famous teachers such as Li Kaifu, and hires foreign teachers (Wang Shouzhi, etc.), which has a trend of catching up from behind . Related reading: The job responsibilities of cabinet designers include which interior and furniture designers are currently engaged Various certificates of design, industrial modeling, fine arts and other related majors. The interior and furniture design industry is a knowledge-intensive modern service industry, and its development will drive the development of many related industries such as manufacturing, decoration, and wood. At present, this profession mainly has the following positions in the division of labor: interior and furniture designer of decoration company, interior and furniture designer of interior and furniture company, etc. ★Finally, people who want to start their own interior design career or who want to go further in the field can benefit a lot from the narration of the famous female designer Alissa Sutton: What should interior designers pay attention to when applying for a job? Suggestions for new designers? How does a new designer know which field he is suitable for? Just take a look below.
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