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How about Tsubaki furniture? The advantages and disadvantages of Tsubaki furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-25
Chunmu, the name Chunshu in Chinese literature. It is a deciduous tree with a height of more than 30 meters, rapid growth and straight trunk. Tsubaki wood is widely distributed and has strong adaptability. It can be adapted to slightly acidic, neutral soil or calcareous soil. There are two types of Ailanthus altissima and Ailanthus altissima that bloom and bear fruit, and the leaves cannot be eaten. Ailanthus altissima is a deep-rooted tree species with a well-developed root system, strong root tiller, easy reproduction, less pests, and a large amount of fallen leaves, which has the effect of improving the soil. , Is the pioneer tree species for afforestation in my country's Loess Plateau and rocky mountains in North China. It has strong resistance to smoke and sulfur dioxide, and it is also an important tree species for greening in urban industrial and mining areas. Ailanthus altissima has short stems and extremely irregular shapes, and cannot be used for furniture, doors and windows. The red toon tree does not bloom, and the leaves can be eaten. Toon has soft wood and fine texture. It is a relatively high-quality material and is highly ornamental. Moisture resistant and stable. It is often used to make boat hulls, and is also a high-grade material for yacht interiors, car interiors, and interior decorations. Known as the 'Chinese MahoganyAdvantages of Tsubaki wood furniture Tsubaki wood furniture has a strong gloss, simple and bright; the texture is staggered but very neat, and the board surface is also very good; the original structure of Tsubaki wood is thick, so the furniture itself has better hardness and is more durable; generally more Chunmu furniture made by a good furniture brand or manufacturer is actually very good. Disadvantages of red wood furniture Slightly worse, it is more troublesome to nail nails, so it is easier to disperse, and it is easy to cause problems if it is not handled well. So choose brands and manufacturers with better quality standards. Related reading: What are the characteristics of solid wood furniture such as pine, camphor, cypress, etc.
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