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How about tiger wood furniture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tiger wood furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-18
Many people like mahogany furniture, because mahogany furniture is not only beautiful, but also a symbol of taste. However, with the increasing shortage of mahogany resources, the price of mahogany furniture has soared, and the high prices have discouraged many consumers. In this case, tabby wood furniture has stepped onto the stage of history, and at the same time a number of tabby wood furniture brands have been derived, such as Xiangbai Nian, Dongfang Yun, Kaixuan, etc. However, many people still don't know about tabby wood furniture. Now, let me take you to understand what exactly is tabby wood and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Tabby is a kind of rare hardwood. Its growth time is more than one hundred years, and it has strict requirements on the growth environment. It only lives in the tropical and subtropical regions of Latin America. Tabby wood furniture is positioned as high-end. In the western upper class, tabby wood furniture is almost comparable to mahogany and black walnut furniture, and its value is even higher than that of ordinary mahogany furniture. Tabby wood furniture has a beautiful texture and high hardness. Tabby wood has a beautiful texture, and the furniture is made into furniture. The tiger markings are clearly visible, generous and domineering; the surface of the tabby wood furniture is strong, yellowish brown, slightly green, and gold threads flash in the sun; tabby The wood has large weight, high strength and excellent stability. The furniture made of wood is not easy to crack and deform. Tabby wood is rich in oil, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong moisture resistance. Tabby wood furniture has a strong gloss and rosin scent, and it is scented when placed at home; the texture of the surface of tabby wood furniture is staggered, and the structure is fine and uniform; its weight and strength are moderate, easy to process, and often tearing on the cut surface. Cracking; rapid drying, slight heart cracking, etc. In fact, although the density of tiger wood is within the density range of mahogany, it is different from mahogany. Although it is not mahogany, and tiger wood furniture can not be included in mahogany furniture, but in terms of its scarcity, collection value, and application value, it has the conditions to become an upstart in the precious hardwood market. The market recognition of tabby wood furniture has yet to be tested. Tabby wood has been introduced into the domestic market late, and the Chinese people are not aware of it. The value of tabby wood furniture has not been recognized by the domestic market. Therefore, fans of tabby wood furniture are reminded When choosing tiger wood furniture, you must know how to distinguish the authenticity, otherwise you may encounter products of inferior quality and high price. Related reading: Detailed analysis of the price composition of mahogany furniture
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