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How about the quality of Chinese fir furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-26
Fir material is loose and light, easy to dry, easy to process, rough cut surface, medium strength, good adhesive performance; it is the current modern integrated housing industry, indoor and outdoor decoration materials, building decoration materials, rural houses, rural wooden houses, rural household products series, Modern pastoral loft production, decoration, construction materials, civilian furniture and furniture and other industries generally use economical, environmentally friendly mid-range wood; the following two main factors need to be considered when making Chinese fir furniture: 1. Make sure that the moisture of the material is dry instead of Roasted, because the dried is to draw out the moisture instantly, causing the wood to burst easily in the twelfth lunar month, shortening its service life. 2. The age of the material, only the material is more than 25 years old, its hardness and willfulness; some netizens suggested that the fir board can only be used as the inner board of the furniture, not the door, and the spacing must not exceed 60cm, otherwise it will be easily deformed. Also, after installation, be sure not to paint the clear primer first, and then paint after drying. Chinese fir not only has the characteristics of high quality and environmental protection, but also has anti-seismic and anti-seismic effects in the modern integrated housing industry, such as: log villas, holiday wooden houses, garden family-style wooden houses, large integrated wooden houses, wooden bar houses, wooden houses Coffee houses, wooden beach houses, etc.; At the same time, it produces all kinds of wooden solid wood household products, log furniture, wooden outdoor garden furniture, paper sculptures, picture frames, artistic coasters and other exquisite wooden crafts. Extended reading: Cantonese-style wood carvings made of fir. In addition, if the natural beauty and high-quality environmental protection characteristics of the original fir are used; it brings together fashion, avant-garde, space design concepts, and combines traditional Chinese culture, western cowboys in Europe and America, exotic customs and other cross-international cultural elements; It can fully show the beauty of its leisure, simple countryside, farmhouse, and manor style.
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