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How about teak furniture of solid wood furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-24
Speaking of teak, the first idea that popped out of everyone’s mind was probably 'teak flooring'. Yes, the wooden properties and oil content of teak make the performance of teak products extremely stable, with minimal changes in wind, sun, rain, and change; Ming Dynasty Most of the treasure ships used by Zheng He's voyages use teak as the ship material, which shows the advantages of teak; but when everyone enters the furniture and building materials market, what they hear is 'teak........ Why, does teak have so many classifications? Some companies clearly indicate that Thai pomelo and Burmese pomelo often classify teak as premium, high-quality, ordinary, finger-joined, non-standard, outdoor board and sauna board....., how is this divided? Today we are talking about teak. The common name of teak is cochineal, blood tree, hemp, and Thai pomelo. It is a plant of the class Lamiaceae, Lamiaceae, Lamiaceae. It is native to Burma, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Laos. It is the main afforestation tree species in Southeast Asia ; Teak will not warp and crack under the conditions of large changes in the sun and rain; strong water and fire resistance; resistant to termites and sea worms in different seas, extremely resistant to corrosion; teak has good drying performance, adhesive, It has good performance in painting and waxing. Because it contains silicon, it is easy to blunt the knife. Therefore, it is difficult to cut during processing. Teak has good nail holding power and good comprehensive performance. Myanmar and Indonesia are called 'national treasures'. Advantages and disadvantages of teak teak, rich in iron and oil, is the smallest type of dry shrinkage and swelling deformation of all woods. After professional drying treatment, it is dimensionally stable and extremely wear-resistant, and its shrinkage rate ranges from raw wood to air-drying The radial direction is 2.2%, the chord direction is 4.0%, which is the smallest deformation coefficient among the woods. It has good bending resistance and extremely abrasion resistance. The air-dry density is 0.65g/cm3 (the dry wood weight is about 650 kg/m3); therefore It has distinctive features such as anti-corrosion, insect-proof, decoration, etc. Its noble color is very decorative, with good elasticity and comfortable foot feel. It is the best of solid wood flooring. 1. Teak is precious: wild teak has been grown for at least more than 100 years. In the natural environment, the best production area is only 1 to 5 trees per acre. The natural fragrance of teak is refreshing and refreshing. It is cool and has a good effect on the brain nervous system of middle-aged and elderly people. 2. Teak wood is firm and durable, and has excellent texture: teak has good weather resistance. In fact, this feature of teak can be seen ten years before teak furniture was used. During these ten years, teak furniture will maintain Its beauty as always. Some people like to use polishing agents to maintain furniture. This effect is far from the weathered teak furniture; when you use teak furniture for decades, you will be surprised that the quality of these furniture is durable and more beautiful. 3. Expansion and contraction is the smallest of all woods: According to the load, the volume of the large sailing ship in Zheng He's fleet is 175 meters long and 65 meters wide. It has a triple teak hull and up to 16 independent waterproof airtight cabins. Load more than 2,000 tons of cargo. According to materials, the Chinese knew that teak wood could withstand sun exposure when it was in the ocean, and knew that teak wood would not shrink when exposed to wind, heat, rain or salty ocean water; these are exactly what many people still use today when they choose sea ships or small boats. The reason why I like teak very much; It is precisely because of the small shrinkage rate of teak wood that it is an excellent choice for making ship doors and cabinets. Related reading: How to identify teak furniture 4. Teak is not easy to be deformed, corroded and cracked in various environments: Judging from many teak floors, the micro-pinhole stable structure of teak makes teak solid wood flooring both strong and tough. It has good stability. Generally, hard wood flooring will shrink in winter after two years after installation, with a gap of 3 to 4 mm; in summer, it will expand and bulge, and there will be a greater loosening sound; teak solid wood flooring is very stable, with gaps The change is small. 5. The texture of teak wood is delicate and beautiful: graceful ink lines and colorful oil shadows form a natural texture of various appearances after the overall decoration. 6. Teak has high oil content, and the more you use it, the smoother it is: The surface of teak furniture is very delicate and smooth. It is this kind of grease that protects the brightness of the furniture and makes it bright and lasting; at the same time, it is the fragrance of this layer of teak grease that makes a lot of The ants did not dare to approach. Southeast Asia is very humid and there are many insects and ants. Using teak furniture can avoid a lot of trouble. What is surprising is that the luster of this layer of oil on the outside of teak does not fade with time, but on the contrary makes teak furniture more and more shiny It is also very convenient to take care of teak furniture with water; there is a layer of vegetable paint on the surface of teak furniture sold in China, which is used to protect its oil and play a role in brightening. 7. The more you use it, the more golden: the more amazing teak furniture is that its planed surface color is oxidized to golden yellow through photosynthesis, and the color will become more beautiful with time. Disadvantages of teak: Due to the large demand for teak, the teak on the market is uneven and difficult to distinguish between true and false; such as black heart manglietia, golden teak, golden teak, etc., pretending to be teak; there are many main furniture materials Use teak wood, and substitute other wood for auxiliary materials such as wardrobe backs, shelves, and drawer shelves, or use glulam instead of logs. These furniture do not have the characteristics of teak itself, so it is impossible to talk about preservation and appreciation. There are many fake teak inferior hard mixed woods on the market. They use Malaysian teak, Brazilian teak and other names to make huge profits. Some call them iron teak, teak sandalwood, African teak, and some even mistaken mountain olive as the king of teak. When purchasing teak flooring, consumers must pay attention to the words 'Teak solid wood flooring' on the invoice or contract. The English name is 'TEAK' and the branch name is 'Verbenaceae'.
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