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How about Southwest Hua's solid wood furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-14
Birch has been famous since ancient times, and its beautiful and natural wood grain has been regarded as a treasure by the ancients. Birch veneer is often made into scabbards and scabbards to carry around. The homonym of birch and 'hua' is added with the word wood, so some people say that birch is in The ancients also said that it is gorgeous when taking the meaning; in short, birch has been a famous wood since ancient times. Birch annual rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate; birch is elastic, has good processing performance, smooth cut surface, and good paint and gluing performance; birch is a mid-range wood, solid wood and veneer common. Produced in Northeast China, the wood is delicate, pale and yellowish, and its roots and nodules are multi-patterned. Because the birch has a very beautiful texture, it is often used for carved parts. Feeling, often inlaid with scabbard arches and other places. In the current furniture market, birch is dominated by southwestern birch, with many styles, including Chinese style furniture, Southeast Asian furniture, Japanese style, Korean style..., the most are European style, especially French classical furniture; in history, France The furniture, especially the classical court and pastoral styles, are all made of cherry wood. This stems from the French hobby, but also from the beauty of cherry wood and its popularity in Europe; unfortunately, the wood grain of the southwest birch looks like cherry wood; so some The 'smart profiteer' used his brains, and the game of peach and plum on behalf of the stiff began. As a result, the beautiful birch became the scapegoat........ Distribution of Betula sibiricum and S. birch: Southwest birch is concentrated in the southwest, south, southeast of Yunnan, and the western, southwestern, northwestern, and southern Guizhou regions. These distribution areas are connected with the distribution areas of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Form the central distribution area of u200bu200bSouthwest Birch. The horizontal distribution range is approximately 97°3″~108°E, 19~25°N, and the vertical distribution is 200~2800m above sea level. The color of Southwest birch is also from light red to dark red, the texture is straight, the gloss is poor, and the hair There are very few 'V'-shaped patterns, and the wood structure is fine. Waves, rotations, tree bumps and bird's eye patterns can be formed on different sections, but there is no light black mark. 1. Birch and colored wood have fine structure and strength. Large, good color, shiny, no special smell and taste. 2. Birch has medium weight, soft or medium hardness, medium shrinkage, low to medium or medium strength, medium or high impact toughness. 3. Birch has dense and straight texture. , Very fine structure, uniform toughness, elasticity, easy to cut, strong plasticity, smooth planed surface, solid material after drying treatment, good processing performance, easy to saw, plan, turn, spin, strong nail holding force, but easy to nail Splitting, it is best to perforate before nailing, paint and glue performance is good. Southwest birch furniture Southwest birch solid wood furniture advantages 1. The wood grain is beautiful, a bit like water wave texture, full of mountain atmosphere: for the layman of solid wood furniture, it is the most apparent The wood grain is an important factor in determining the purchase of furniture. Among the types of solid wood, the grain of birch is often compared with oak. The fine wood grain is the common ground between the two; the difference lies in the oak’s ' 'Mountain-shaped pattern' is more regular, with clear wave crests and layers of expanded wood grain;; the mountain-shaped pattern of birch is more 'wild, The unique texture creates a visual effect like water waves, with a unique flavor; because of this, birch grain veneer has always been well-known in panel furniture. 2. Southwest birch grows fast, has high yield, straight main poles, and tree-shaped Tidy, also used for street tree greening; in the tropical test center test results: 20-year-old trees can reach 25 cm diameter at breast height, 20 meters high. Currently, the market price of Southwest birch timber: 2000-3000 yuan / cubic meter. 3. Southwest birch timber has been It is listed as a precious material and widely used. Its wood is light reddish brown, slightly shiny, with medium to high mechanical strength. The birch wood has a harder structure and fine and elastic structure. The processing performance is quite good. It is often used for solid wood carving parts; the birch surface Smooth, paint and adhesive properties are also very good. 4. Southwestern birch wood does not warp or crack after drying, has a small shrinkage ratio, is not easily deformed, and has beautiful patterns and colors. Except for traditional furniture, construction and military applications, it is commonly used as plywood , High-end furniture, wood flooring and interior decoration materials; its resonance performance is good, and it is also an excellent material for musical instruments. The shortcomings of Southwest birch solid wood furniture: 1. The birch that grows in the northern hemisphere has a shiny surface and a smooth mechanism; yellowish white slightly Brown, obvious growth rings, pure wood body, slightly heavier and harder, thin structure, high mechanical strength, elasticity, high moisture absorption, easy to crack and warp when dry; not very durable in an environment that is prone to decay, and more It is used in the form of plywood, but for the humid southern weather, it is not fatal if the craftsmanship is proper and the maintenance is appropriate. 2. Birch wood produced in Northeast China is delicate, pale and yellow, and the fiber has poor shear resistance. Let’s break.” Said the product world: birch furniture such as If the fruit drying process and the sanding paint process are not enough, it is not suitable for use in coastal areas, especially in Shanghai, Chaoshan and other places during the rainy season. Birch flooring is almost invisible. The reason is that the birch is too hygroscopic.
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