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How about cherry wood furniture? What is the difference between cherry wood and southwest birch?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-21
The English name of cherry is cherry  Chinese name: cherry, also known as American black cherry. The main producing area is in North America, and the main producing area is mainly in the eastern United States. There are many varieties such as American cherry, European cherry, Japanese cherry, etc., while traditional European furniture is very fond of using cherry wood furniture, as early as the 17th century, cherry wood is The preferred material of carpenters and decorators. With the gradual increase in the consumption of cherry wood in the furniture market in my country, domestic unscrupulous merchants often use Southwest birch to pretend to be cherry wood. The advantages of cherry wood furniture The cherry wood core transitions from deep red to light reddish brown, and the wood texture is straight. Cherry wood has good bending properties, average strength, and relatively resistant to load. Cherry wood is easy to process by hand, the wood is not hard, and the loss of equipment is relatively small. In addition, the cherry wood shrinks significantly after drying, but this time, the performance after drying is very stable and it is widely used. The cherry wood table cherry wood is very similar to Southwestern birch, so what is the difference between imported cherry wood (European cherry, American cherry) and domestic cherry wood Southwestern birch? There are actually two types of cherry wood on the market, one is imported cherry wood (including European cherry and American cherry), and the other is domestic cherry wood. Domestic cherry wood is actually not a real cherry wood. It is Southwestern birch, and the appearance of the wood grain effect of the two is similar. How to distinguish them? First of all, from the texture point of view, there are real black spots in the cherry wood, but Southwest birch does not. Secondly, from the color and luster, the real cherry wood furniture is yellowish, Southwest birch is reddish, commonly known as red cherry. Related reading: The advantages and disadvantages of cherry wood furniture. The specific difference between the two: (1) European cherry wood Rosaceae. Distributed in the United Kingdom, from Scandinavia to the southwest and southern regions of the former Soviet Union. It is also distributed in the mountains of Western Asia and North Africa. The heartwood is light rose to brown, with a clear boundary from the light-colored sapwood, with a fine and uniform structure, straight wood texture, and an air-dry density of 0.63g/cm3. The wood gradually turns red when exposed to the air for a long time, just like real mahogany and mahogany. The material is hard and the mechanical properties are similar to oak. The drying effect is better, and it warps slightly obliquely. The processing performance is good, but the quality of the processed surface is related to the type of wood structure. Wood with interlaced texture is easy to burr during processing, so the cutting angle should be 20°. The texture is straight and can be processed into a smooth surface. This kind of wood can be used for rotary cutting, dyeing and polishing. It is used to make plywood and decorative panels in some European countries. (2) Southwestern Birch, also known as birch, birch peach, is a genus of birch in the birch family. It is distributed in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan, and also in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Nepal. The wood is light reddish brown, slightly shiny, with straight or slightly staggered texture, medium to thick, uneven structure, medium weight, dry shrinkage, medium to high mechanical strength, and air-dry density 0.666g/cm3. No special smell and taste, good drying performance, stable performance after drying. Wood is not easy to impregnate and has strong corrosion resistance. Good processing performance, smooth planed surface, good paint and adhesive properties. It is suitable for the manufacture of high-strength plywood for airplanes and ships, high-end furniture, interior decoration (doors, windows, floors), sleepers and carvings, machine models, buttstocks, stationery, etc. It is also used for street tree greening. Because its wood texture, color, and color are similar to imported cherry wood, it is called 'domestic cherry wood'.
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