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How about black walnut furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-27
Walnut is a treasure and an important woody oil plant. The outer peel and bark of walnuts are rich in tannins, which can be used to make dyes. Walnut shells can be used to produce activated charcoal, glue, etc. Walnuts and black walnuts are walnuts. Kernels are edible and are a good tonic. It is precisely because of this that walnut wood has such a charm to be introduced all over the world. Walnut furniture also has its own advantages and disadvantages. The English name of black walnut is American black walnut. Commercial names are: American black walnut, Black walnut, Virginia walnut, Canaletto Canaletto), Canadian walnut (Canadian walnut), walnut tree (walnut tree), etc. Black walnut (Juglans nigra) originated in North America, and it is said that it was originally known as Virginia walnut. American black walnut is widely distributed, from Southern Ontario and Canada to Texas, Maine and Florida. The sapwood of black walnut is off-white to light yellow brown, and the heartwood is brown to dark chocolate color. Because of the inherent durability of walnut wood, it has become a popular furniture material all over the world. It has been used to produce beautiful style furniture for a long time. Many antiques and antique furniture are also made of walnut wood. In the United States, black walnut is still the best cabinet material. It is one of the few woods whose glossiness is getting better and better with the passage of time, and it has an elegant and beautiful texture. Therefore, it has the reputation of 'the nobility among American woods' abroad. The American black walnut tree is much taller than the walnut tree. It is one of the largest woods in American hardwood. The color of walnut wood will become lighter with the passage of time, while the American black walnut tree becomes deeper and deeper with the age. Related reading: The history you must know when buying Shanxi walnut furniture. American black walnut has straight or irregular, wrinkled or variegated patterns. The wrinkles, bends and textures can produce a variety of patterns, such as tree forks, roots and burrs. It forms beautiful patterns and is used in the production of veneers, which is of high value. Black walnut has straight or irregular texture, slightly rough structure, hard wood and high strength. In addition to being excellent wood for cabinets, it is also a good material for carving and utensils. The weight, elasticity and smooth feel of the wood are unmatched by other woods. The average height of black walnut is 30-45m and the diameter is 1.2m-2m. Black walnut has straight or irregular texture, slightly rough structure, hard wood, high strength, high impact toughness, high compressive strength, good bending performance, corrosion resistance, good engraving performance, easy manual and mechanical processing, and good screw holding power , And easy to cut and planed, the planed surface is smooth, the adhesiveness is good, and the gloss performance after painting is excellent. The structure of black walnut (Juglans nigra): the heartwood and sapwood are clearly distinguished, the sapwood is off-white to light fawn, the heartwood is brown to dark chocolate, often with irregular dark stripes, the growth ring is obvious, the semi-porous wood, infiltrating and filling The body is rich, the wood rays are fine, the magnification is obvious, the axial parenchyma is obvious under the magnifying glass, the processing is slightly special with a slight special smell, the taste is not, there are ray spots on the radial section, and no wave marks are seen. Single tube holes and radial rows of multiple tube holes are rare in tube hole clusters, scattered or slightly arranged in a zigzag shape, inter-tube pits are arranged mutually, axial parenchyma is scattered and aggregated and sparsely ring-shaped, and crystals are visible. Wood rays are non-stacked, single row rays are 2-10 cells high, multi-row rays are 2-5 cells wide, and 5-25 cells. The ray organization is in the same shape, single row and multiple rows and abnormal shapes. There are other types of walnuts in the western United States: Juglans major, Juglans californica, and Juglan shindsii. White walnut (Juglans cinera) in eastern North America, English name Butternut, also called gray walnut, is a lighter and lighter wood in the Juglans genus, with a density of 0.38g/cm3 and low strength. Sometimes it is dyed to imitate black walnut. . In addition, Juglans also include Juglans mandshurica (mandshurica walunt), Japanese walnut (Juglans sieboldiana, Japanese walunt), and neotropical walnut (Juglans neotropica). They also have many excellent uses.
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