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How about ash panel furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-16
Veneer is a kind of surface material used for interior decoration or furniture manufacturing. Fraxinus mandshurica Veneer is one of its major types, so is it easy to use? Let's analyze it for you. Straight-grained Fraxinus mandshurica panel has excellent material and is a precious timber species in Northeast and North China. It can be used to make all kinds of furniture (furniture brand list), musical instruments, sports equipment, vehicles, ships, machinery and special construction materials. At the same time, it is of scientific significance for studying the flora of the Tertiary and the climate during the glacial period of the Quaternary. Fraxinus mandshurica veneer is divided into two types: straight-grained curved willow and mountain-grained curved willow. Straight-grained ash, that is, the lines of ash is arranged vertically in rows, and mountain-grained ash, which is the texture we usually see, has a flowing feeling like water ripples. Fraxinus mandshurica has complicated patterns, yellow and black colors, and low prices. The price of a ash veneer panel on the mountain pattern ash veneer panel market is generally around 60 yuan. If used properly and handled properly, it can also be a practical choice for decorative panels. So what are the disadvantages of the ash veneer made of it? Advantages of Fraxinus mandshurica veneer: 1. It is suitable for dry climate, with very slight aging and little performance change. 2. Physical properties: Relative to its weight, Fraxinus mandshurica has very good overall strength properties, good shock resistance and steam bending strength. 3. Durability: Heartwood has medium resistance to antiseptic treatment agent, white wood has permeability. Fraxinus mandshurica is very suitable for dry climates. Its aging is very slight and its heartwood changes little. 4. Practicability: Good floor and furniture materials. It can imitate precious wood species such as white yuan, oak, walnut, etc., with extremely high use value. Related reading: The characteristics of ash solid wood furniture and comparison. Disadvantages of ash veneer: 1. Fraxinus mandshurica is made of solid wood, and small wooden blocks are used for splicing. Large pieces of wood shrink and deform greatly, which is not suitable. Some Fraxinus mandshurica furniture is basically the main frame of Fraxinus mandshurica solid wood, and a large area is covered with solid wood of manchurian mandshurica. This is also because of the large deformation and shrinkage of manchurian mandshurica. Therefore, it is recommended to make ash solid wood furniture using a combination of ash and joinery. 2. Fraxinus mandshurica has no heartwood resistance to decay. The white wood is susceptible to meal-retaining beetles and common furniture beetles. It is not easy to dry and is easy to crack. Therefore, it is recommended that the solid wood furniture of Fraxinus mandshurica must be placed in a dry environment, and dry protection measures must be taken.
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