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Horizontal comparison of four materials of children's furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-27
With the improvement of the quality of home life, children’s furniture has also received more and more attention. In addition to manufacturers that specialize in the production of children’s furniture, major brands have also specially developed children’s series. The market competition has also become fierce. , Finishing, and styling gradually turn to culture and experience. Consumers have also started to pay attention to environmental protection, health, design, and brand from simply paying attention to price in the past. But no matter how the competition is, the material that plays a decisive role in price and environmental protection is still the first consideration for consumers. From the current children's furniture market, it can be basically divided into four types of materials: board, board, pine, and hardwood. Different materials show obvious differentiated competition. Panel furniture is cost-effective and functional. Panel furniture has always followed the cost-effective route and the functionalist route, including the use of space and DIY. The colors and shapes are relatively rich, which attract the attention of parents and children. Parents who choose panel furniture are most concerned about the environmental protection index of the product. Liu Yang of Evergrande Maison Group, who owns many brands such as Zhibaijia and Duohuawei, reminds that when choosing panel furniture, you should not be tempted by price, and you should pay more attention to materials and craftsmanship. Environmental friendly. The easiest way is to choose a trustworthy brand. Big brands will be more cautious and attentive in material selection and production. Pine furniture with thick materials. Single-color pine is currently the most common material for children's furniture. Because of its relative environmental protection and high cost performance, it occupies a certain market share. Because many companies want to make a fuss about the raw material of pine and carry out different positioning, so many types of pine have come out, such as Brazilian pine, Chilean pine, Finnish pine, New Zealand pine, Nordic polar pine, and Russian pine. They all hope to adopt materials. Differentiation to win a certain market share. The current children's furniture market has also evolved from the previous brightly colored panel furniture to the pine furniture that is environmentally friendly and the colored solid wood furniture that caters to children's psychology. Most of the pine products have made great efforts in thick and sufficient materials, but the monotonous colors and designs are difficult to satisfy the child's childlike aesthetics to a certain extent. In the later stage, parents need to fill in the colors with colorful and beautiful background walls or soft decorations. defect. Geng Yongjie, general manager of the representative brand of pine furniture, Ximenbao Henan region, reminded that the choice of pine furniture is environmental protection, but the environmental protection of raw materials does not ensure that the product is environmentally friendly. Furniture pollutants may also come from paint. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose pine furniture. Choose products from regular manufacturers. Related reading: Is plate children's furniture better or solid wood children's furniture? The combination of board and wood saves materials and is not easy to deform. The combination of board and wood children's furniture occupies the main share of the mid-to-high-end market. Generally speaking, the frame structure such as the table top, table (chair) leg, door frame and so on is made of solid wood, and the side panels, bottom, top, partitions and other parts are made of wood-based panels (MDF, particleboard, etc. are all wood-based panels). Board-wood combined furniture should be the furniture with the most advantages in solid wood furniture. It saves wood and reduces costs. The most important thing is that it solves the fatal injury of all solid wood furniture that is easy to deform, and has the flexibility of panel furniture. It can be said that it takes into account the advantages of all solid wood furniture and panel furniture, and avoids their shortcomings. Goldman Sachs Home Marketing Director Meng Yongfeng reminded that many of the current solid wood furniture products are actually board-wood combined furniture, and according to national regulations, furniture components can be called solid wood furniture if the standard of furniture components reaches 70%. Consumers should pay attention to the other 30 % Environmental protection of the material. Hardwood furniture high-end products High-priced hardwood furniture is currently the highest quality children's furniture, the product emphasizes cultural concepts and spiritual feelings. Liu Yang introduced that hardwood children's furniture are generally equipped with environmentally friendly water-based paint, which naturally returns, presents the simplicity without any distractions, and makes the children's life return to the original; pure hand-carved, with exquisite bronze handles, the details are rendered exquisite. ; Simple colors, nostalgic atmosphere, unfettered country life, let children linger; simple, lively, elegant appearance, full of low-key, let children's happiness bloom in a silent place. The price of hardwood children's furniture represented by Dreaming Years, Meijun, etc. in the market is relatively high, which is suitable for high-end children's bedrooms. Experts reminded that this type of furniture is usually more conservative in style due to its higher price. Since children's bodies are always growing, the size of some furniture needs to be adjusted continuously, and the investment in purchasing such furniture is relatively large. (Source: Furniture Headlines)
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