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Home has a taste, which institutions should I look for?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-15
When furniture is questioned about environmental protection, you should first find a business. But this may encounter several problems: First, the smell is something that is difficult to quantify intuitively, which may attract excuses from the merchants; secondly, most of the products of the merchants do not attach the 'Furniture Manual' mandatory by the state, and it is difficult to know what the merchants are. How environmental is the 'environmental protection' in the mouth? Moreover, if the merchants can come up with various so-called proofs, laymen will not be able to distinguish them. So if the furniture is not environmentally friendly, who should consumers look for? Provide you with the following reference. The case is reported by the reader of New Express News, Ms. Chen, who previously chose an unfamiliar pine brand when changing the furniture. When he was in the hypermarket, he did not notice the sloppyness, and the merchants could also provide relevant environmental protection certificates. However, the new products arrived home, but there was a heavy taste. . 'I thought it would fade in a week or so as the business said, but I didn't expect it would still taste after more than a month.' Ms. Chen expressed special regret, but she didn't know if any organization could test whether the furniture was safe or not. Ms. Chen's experience must be familiar to most people. It seems common for new buyers to have a taste, and many people are accustomed to it. As everyone knows, if too much formaldehyde, benzene or other harmful substances emitted from furniture are absorbed for a long time, it is easy to produce dizziness and vomiting. In severe cases, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, damage the nervous system, digestive system and blood system, and even worse. Inducing 'terminal illnesses' such as leukemia. Therefore, new buyers have a taste, do not take it lightly. 1. Reliability index of air treatment institutions: ★★☆Advantages: There are many deodorizing methods such as photocatalyst and activated carbon. Disadvantages: Free testing may not be objective, and there are many suspicions about selling products. In addition, there are also many air treatment companies on the market claiming to be able to do air testing, claiming to use 'photocatalyst' and other high-tech solutions to solve air pollution problems. However, Fan Wei said that the release of harmful gases is a slow process. After some harmful gases are removed, pollutants will still escape over time. Whether the photocatalyst is really effective remains to be investigated, and the most important thing is to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the source of the furniture. Ms. Mei also questioned the governance institutions, “Many of these companies provide free testing, but in fact they are still promoting governance products and services. As you can imagine, the results must be exceeded by the testing and not exceeding the standards after governance.” Further reading: Five major testing methods Check whether the formaldehyde in the home exceeds the standard. 2. The reliable index of the air testing agency: ★★★★ Advantages: a dedicated team, a dedicated instrument, specifically for air testing. Disadvantages: There are not many institutions that accept family services, and the prices are high. According to Fan Wei, deputy director of the Guangzhou Construction New Technology Promotion Station, ordinary families can choose home air quality testing methods to identify whether indoor pollutants exceed standards. On the website of the Construction Engineering Inspection Professional Committee of Guangzhou Construction Federation (http://www.jczwh.com), you can find 70 inspection institutions with qualification certification, all of which have the qualification of 'Indoor Environmental Inspection of Civil Construction Engineering' Institutions are all qualified to do household air environment monitoring. However, during the interview, the reporter found that many qualified institutions do not accept testing applications from home users. According to Ms. Mei from a large-scale testing agency in Guangzhou, the company originally tried home testing, but eventually gave up. Too high cost and too trivial are the reasons why many testing companies are unwilling to do home testing. 'A single two to three thousand yuan test, in addition to the owner’s request and consultation, once a problem occurs, the test agency is often involved in the dispute between consumers and the business, and the labor and cost are too high. 'It is understood that there are not many units that can engage in home indoor space inspection. Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Center, Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring Center, and Guangzhou Zhuangfubao Indoor Environmental Monitoring Co., Ltd. and a few other organizations provide related services. Extended reading: Decoration pollution detection teaches you two tricks without measuring it yourself. 3. Reliable index of furniture testing institutions: ★ ☆ Advantages: The detection is scientific and accurate. Disadvantages: It may cause damage to the furniture; or the test in the experimental environment does not match the home environment. From the perspective of safety, furniture inspection is the kingly way. According to Wang Ke, chairman of the Guangdong Furniture Association, there are currently two methods for testing furniture on the market: one is destructive testing, where the furniture is cut open and the sample is taken for testing to see if the harmful substances contained in it exceed the standard; the other is One is air detection, where furniture is placed in a confined space under specific conditions for a period of time to detect whether the volatiles exceed the standard. These two detection methods are commonly used in self-inspection or random inspection of factory furniture. Destructive furniture inspection is obviously not suitable for household use, and the environment of industrial air inspection method is not the environment of family living space, so it is a reference for consumers It doesn't make much sense. 4. Reliability index of furniture business: ★★★Advantages: The ultimate person in charge of the product, if there is a problem, he must find it.
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