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Home Furnishing website English word introduction: lamps and lanterns

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-05
Editor's note: This series of articles comes from the website of eilier home living museum. The article introduces in detail how to buy home furnishing products from foreign home furnishing websites. It involves a lot of pure English speaking of various furniture, which is learned by furniture industry professionals and ordinary consumers. Good article on furniture English vocabulary. After introducing the living room furniture, dining and kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, studio and other room furniture, in fact, what is left can actually become home decorations such as lamps or lighting, carpets and curtains. In this article, we will first focus on lamps or lighting, and in the next article, we will introduce carpets and curtains. Lamps or lighting is called Lighting in English. If you want to say what kind of lamps and lanterns are used in the room, you just add a specific word for the room before Lighting, such as Bath Lighting (washroom lamps) or Outdoor Lighting (outdoor lamps). However, Lighting is a wide range of words. When you want to say chandelier, wall lamp, floor lamp, you have to use specific English words. In the use of certain words, the habits of Europe and North America are different, but they can all be understood. Figure 1 is the Table Lamp. Figure 2 is the Task Lamp (work light). Although Task Lamp is also placed on the desktop, it is generally used on the workbench or writing desk. It is characterized by an industrial appearance and can adjust the light from multiple angles. Task Lamp can sometimes be called Desk Lamp (writing lamp) or Reading Lamp (reading lamp). Generally speaking, lamps with the latter two names do not have the strong industrial characteristics of Task Lamp. Figure 3 is the Floor Lamp. There is a kind of floor lamp with its lampshade opening facing upwards, and the light is towards the wall and ceiling. Such a floor lamp also has a special name, called Torchiere (torch lamp). Figure 4 is called Pendant (chandelier), can also be called Suspension Lamp (chandelier). Please note that in English, chandelier uses a specific vocabulary, Chandelier (chandelier). Pendant and Chandelier can also be called Ceiling Lamp (ceiling lamp), but the ceiling lamp also includes the lamp whose shade is directly attached to the ceiling (in Mainland China, the ceiling lamp refers specifically to this kind of lamp). Figure 5 is Sconce (wall lamp), which can also be said to be Wall Lamp. Attention everyone, if you add Candle in front of Sconce, it is Candle Sconce (wall candle holder). Figure 6 is Track Lighting. It is characterized by a slidable track that is usually installed on the ceiling. As for the bulb, it can be an ordinary bulb or a spotlight bulb. Spotlights are called Spotlights. Figure 7 is Countertop Lighting (bottom light). It is very useful, and IKEA sells it. The homeowner installed it under the wall cabinet to improve local lighting. If your home is too late to install a new decoration, you can buy such a ready-made product and install it yourself. Figure 8 is Picture lighting (picture lighting). Figure 9 is the Night light. The light box hung on the wall is also more common. We don't call it wall lamp, but Panel (light box). In addition, the base is a clamp, which can be clamped to the lamp on the side of the shelf or desk. We call it Clamp Lamp. Here are some accessories related to Lighting. Figure 1 is Shade (lampshade). Figure 2 is the Lamp Base (lamp holder). Figure 3 is Bulb (bulb). There are many types of light bulbs, so I won’t explain them one by one. Figure 4 is a Cord set (light wire device), a very easy-to-use DIY accessory. Figure 5 is the Cord dimmer switch (light wire with dimmer switch), which is also a very easy-to-use DIY accessory. Finally, a friendly reminder of 3 points: first, if you want to buy a bathroom mirror lamp (wall lamp), and then you find that the shopping website has a category of bathroom lamp, then you should go to the bathroom lamp Look for products under the category, instead of looking for products under the wall lamp category. Second, Lantern is often classified in the home accessories category, but they may also be classified in the Lighting category. Third, when you buy lamps and any electrical appliances on the US website, you must pay attention to the voltage description. American electrical appliances are likely to use 110V-120V voltage. The next article will introduce in detail 'Introduction to English Words on Home Websites: Carpets and Curtains'
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