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Home Furnishing Website English Word Introduction: Homepage

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-05
Editor's note: This series of articles comes from the website of eilier home living museum. The article introduces in detail how to buy home furnishing products from foreign home furnishing websites. It involves a lot of pure English speaking of various furniture, which is learned by furniture industry professionals and ordinary consumers. Good article on furniture English vocabulary. The first in our series will introduce the words that will appear on the homepage of the website. In the future, we will introduce the words on the product page and the process of placing an order. First, open the homepage of each home shopping website. Categories are usually placed in the most prominent position of the website. Websites are usually classified according to the purpose of the product. Common categories include: Furniture (furniture), Diningu0026Entertaining (catering and entertainment), Kitchenu0026Food (kitchen utensils and food), Decoratingu0026Accessories (decorations and accessories), Bedu0026Bath (bed textiles and toilets) Supplies), Rugu0026Window (carpets and curtains), Lighting (lighting), Organizingu0026Storage (organizing and storage), OutdoorLiving (outdoor products). Comprehensive large-scale home furnishing brands may also do Wedding (wedding supplies). Diningu0026Entertaining may be replaced by TableTop (table supplies). What'sNew (also known as NewArrivals, new products) is also very important, but after you click What'sNew, the website may require you to continue to click on Furniture, Lighting and other classifications according to the purpose of the product (usually new products are often the same), some Website and ToDieFor (hot-selling boutique, literally means 'extremely eager to own') can also become a category. Every holiday, businesses will add new categories named after the holiday, such as Easter (Easter holiday items), Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day gifts), and Christmas (Christmas holiday items) that lasts up to 2 months. Gift, Sale, and/or Outlet are not divided by the purpose of the product, but they often occupy an important position. Let's talk about Sale and Outlet first. Both words indicate reduced-price products, but the products under the Sale (promotional product) category will be restored to their original prices after a while. If the stock is out of stock, the brand may also replenish the stock. The products under the Outlet (clearance product) category are long-term discounts, and the products will no longer be restocked when they are sold out. Other promotional methods include LimitedTimeOffers (limited time offer) and FreeShipping (free shipping products). Then talk about the Gift (gift) classification. The website makes a special topic for goods suitable as gifts, or provides gift packaging for gift orders. The more attractive trick is the service of Wishlist (wish list) or MyFavorite (my favorite). Usually when people visit the website, even if they don't buy something, they will easily add the things they like to Wishlist or MyFavorite. These lists can either be shared with relatives and friends, implying potential gift givers: 'I like these things, do you want to give them to me?Of course, the safest way for people who give gifts is to buy a GiftCard of any amount on the website. GiftCard is a physical card, which is generally sent to the recipient by surface mail. You can also buy eGiftCard (electronic gift card), the amount is also up to you. The website will soon be emailed to the recipient of the gift. Speaking of cards, you may also see Creditcard (dedicated credit card). A home furnishing website cooperates with a bank, and the bank issues a credit card that is only used to purchase goods on the website, helping customers to purchase in installments. This kind of credit card is especially suitable for customers who do not have any credit cards on hand, and can also bring some financial benefits to customers. Generally speaking, if you can pay all purchases within the maximum limit specified on the website (such as six months), the bank will not charge you interest. In addition, the website of the chain store will also mark FindStores-you may use the address of each branch of the chain store when traveling abroad. In addition, it is estimated that the links that everyone will be very interested in are OnlineCatalogue (online catalog) and InternationalOrders (international orders). Don't get excited when you see the service with international orders, because the international orders on the North American website may only accept neighboring Canada, while the international orders on the European website may only refer to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in Europe, America and Asia. Catalogue on some websites can be downloaded, others can only be viewed online. You can also RequestaCatalogue (subscribe to the paper catalog), but the recipient address is generally limited to the sender's domestic address. In the next article, we will introduce the order and payment of English words on the home website
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