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Home Furnishing Website English Word Introduction: Carpets and Curtains

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-06
Editor's note: This series of articles comes from the website of eilier home living museum. The article introduces in detail how to buy home furnishing products from foreign home furnishing websites. It involves a lot of pure English speaking of various furniture, which is learned by furniture industry professionals and ordinary consumers. Good article on furniture English vocabulary. I have introduced you to most of the home English words before, and today I will introduce you to the last chapter: carpets and curtains. There is a sentence that aptly expresses the importance of textiles to home decoration-textiles are 'a simple way to make homes more like homes'. Chinese-style home decoration is certainly 'elegantThe warmth of Western-style home furnishing comes from all kinds of fabrics-pillows, carpets, curtains, all kinds of fabric covers, all kinds of cloth towels and so on. These textile household products are also an economical way to help us quickly renovate our homes. Because of the importance of textiles home furnishings, foreign home furnishings shopping websites with a relatively complete range will definitely sell carpets, pillows, bed sheets, and duvet covers-this time I will introduce carpets and curtains first! Figure 1 is a common Rug (carpet). When home furnishing stores refer to carpets, they generally use Rug and seldom use Carpet. The carpet is Mat. Cow Hide in Figure 2 and Sheep Skin in Figure 3 are also classified as Rug. In terms of style, there are general Rug carpets, as well as those with strong ethnic customs. Picture 4 Persian Style Rug (Persian style carpet), Picture 5 Kilim (Kilim carpet) and Picture 6 Dhurrie Rug (Indian coarse cotton carpet). In terms of usage, carpets include Indoor Rug (indoor carpet), Outdoor Rug (outdoor carpet) in Figure 7, Door Mat (door mat) in Figure 8, Bath Rug (bathroom carpet) and Area Rug in Figure 9, etc. . Area Rug is ordinary carpet, but the area cannot be too small. Through vision, it can conceptually divide space. If your living room, kitchen, and dining room are open-plan design, you can lay different Area Rugs on the floor of the living room, dining room or kitchen, or place a piece of Area Rug on the area from the living room to the dining room. To the psychological implications of 'Where is this, where is that'. Long and narrow carpets are called Runners (long carpets) and are generally used as Area Rugs. From the process division, carpets include Flatwoven Rug (flat woven carpet, also known as 'Flat Braided Rug'), Gun tufted Rug (machine-made tufted carpet) and Hand-tufted Rug (hand-tufted carpet). Divided from the shape, there are Bordered Rug, Low Pile Rug, High Pile Rug, Round Rug, etc. Europe is customary to call the curtains shown in Figure 1 Curtains, and North American online stores are called Drape (drape curtains). Figure 2 is Sheers (gauze curtain). Figure 3 is Cafe Curtain (short curtain). Figure 4 is Panel Curtains (partition curtain). The classification that includes Curtains and curtain accessories (curtain rods, rails, clips, etc.) may not be called Curtain, but Window. Figure 5 is Venetian Blind (venetian blind). Figure 6 is the Roller Blind (roller blind). Figure 7 is the Roman Blind (Roman Blind). These three types of curtains are not suitable for families with children. There have been many cases of children being suffocated by curtain ropes in foreign countries. Figure 8 is Rod (rod). Figure 9 is the Ring. In addition, curtain accessories include Wall Fitting, Clip, Gathering Tape and Rail.
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