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Home Furnishing Website English Word Introduction: Bedroom Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-06
Editor's note: This series of articles comes from the website of eilier home living museum. The article introduces in detail how to buy home furnishing products from foreign home furnishing websites. It involves a lot of pure English speaking of various furniture, which is learned by furniture industry professionals and ordinary consumers. Good article on furniture English vocabulary. In the previous article, we introduced in detail 'Introduction to English Words on Home Furnishing Website: Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture'. In this chapter we are going to introduce Bedroom furniture. There are not many furniture in Bedroom, but there are also many types. Now we only introduce the words that often appear on home furnishing websites. First, let's look at the bed and headboard, please see the picture below. Bed is usually divided into two parts: Bed Frame and Headboard. Of course, Mattresses (mattresses) also have to be purchased separately. When it comes to bed specifications, we are used to talking about 1 meter 2 beds, 1 meter 5 beds, 1 meter 8 beds and so on. But if you shop in European and American home furnishing stores or home furnishing websites, you have to adapt to their customary sayings. Usually the 'code' of Size is Twin (single bed), Full (standard double bed), Queen (large double bed) and king (large double bed). A Twin Bed can also be said to be A Single Bed, and A Full Bed can also be said to be A Double Bed. As for the actual length and width of each size, there are differences between Europe and the United States, so let's not go into details. The classification of Bed is often distinguished by Headboard (see Figure 11). Figure 1 is the Camelback Bed (camelback headboard). As the name suggests, it has a raised headboard in the middle. Figure 3 is the Sleigh Bed (sleigh bed), which features the headboard and/or footboard roll out, just like a sleigh. Figure 5 is the Metal Bed (iron bed). If the headboard of a wrought iron bed looks like Figure 8, it is called Iron Gate Headboard. As the name suggests, this headboard is made from European iron gates (many families use various old-fashioned doors to make Headboard). There is also a classical bed, in addition to the headboard and bed frame, there is also a shelf with curtains (see Figure 2). It is called Canopy Bed (canopy bed). Some young people don't like headboards. They like a simple bed frame + mattress combination. For example, a bed frame that looks like Figure 10 is called a Platform Bed. The small bedroom hopes that the space at the bottom of the bed can be used, so the manufacturer has developed a Storage Bed similar to Figure 4. According to the storage unit division, we will also see Bed With Baskets and Bed With Drawers. Figure 6 is a bed that can be sold independently but is often not purchased separately by the owner. It is called a Trundle Bed (sub-bed, low bed). This kind of bed is very low, with pulleys, which can be tucked into the bottom of a normal bed. Figure 9 is usually not called Double Bed (as mentioned earlier that Double Bed means double bed), but Bunk Bed (bunk bed). Figure 7 is a common bed in student dormitories and young people's bedrooms called Loft Bed (high-priced bed). The matching bed and bedside table combination are often named Bed u0026 Bedside Table Set by merchants. The matching bed and wardrobe combination is called Bed u0026 Dresser Set or Bed u0026 Chifforobe Set. Figure 14 is the bed board. This trapezoidal bed base is called a Slatted bed base (slatted bed base). Figure 12 is Mattress. The main mattresses are Sprung mattress (spring mattress) and Polyurethane foam mattress (polyurethane foam mattress). Mattress pad (matress) as shown in Figure 13 is often added to the mattress. Figure 1 is the Bedside Table (bedside table) that is most closely related to the bed. It also has another common name, Nightstand. However, when your trendy bedside table is nailed to the wall, rather than the style of the table feet on the ground, you can only call it a Bedside Table. There is often a type of furniture at the end of the bed in a European-style bedroom, as shown in Figure 2, called End of Bed (bed end stool). This category is a miscellaneous, Bench (bench) and Trunk (box) are very common. It can store and place changing clothes, and it can also allow you to sit and change shoes and so on. Put a Chinese or Asian-style bench in a European-style bedroom as bed foot furniture, it will be very unique. The wardrobe is the most dizzying. It is called wardrobe in Chinese, but there are many subdivisions in English (some distinction criteria are not obvious). Figure 3 is a low closet with drawers only. This kind of common function wardrobe is collectively called Dresser (closet), of course, you can also call it Chest (cabinet), Cabinet (cabinet). Figure 7 is the most popular Cabinet. The tall Dresser is called Tower Dresser (tall cabinet), and the taller Dresser (see Figure 8) is called Chiffonier (closet). Bombe Chest () is a special name for this Chest in Figure 6. Figure 4 This kind of large wardrobe has a general name, called Wardrobe (Wardrobe). Figure 5 This kind of large wardrobe that is not very large (at least not occupying a whole wall), good quality, and exquisite appearance (often with French style) is called Armoire (large wardrobe). A large wardrobe with drawers that can also hang clothes is called Chifforobe (closet). Figure 11 shows that the dressing table is not Dresser, but Dressing table (dressing table). The dressing table with mirror is called Dressing table with mirror. It will also be called Vanity Desk (dressing table). The coat rack is a Hat and coat stand (see Figure 10), and the hanger and shoe rack in Figure 9 that can play a display and display function is called Clothes/Shoe Rack (hanger/shoe rack). Many people will put a small writing desk (see Figure 12) and chairs in the bedroom. The desk is called Desk, and the chair is called Chair. In the next article, we will learn more about 'Introduction to English Words on Home Furnishing Website: Studio and Other Room Furniture'
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