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Historical classification of mahogany in Beijing-Guangzhou-Shanghai area

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-13
The name of mahogany is very complicated to outsiders. Not only do the same mahogany have different names, but even different mahogany, its name is very similar to other mahogany, and the official names of many mahogany are different from the folk names. From a historical perspective, the naming of Hongmu in various regions has also changed over time. In the two dimensions of time and space, the name of mahogany has many changes. There are obvious differences in the understanding of mahogany between Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Guangzhou and Beijing. 1. The naming of mahogany in North China, which is dominated by Beijing: Beijing generally divides mahogany into old mahogany and new mahogany. Old mahogany refers to black and red rosewood with darker color and close to purplish red heartwood. In fact, the distinction between old and new is a convention, not necessarily scientific, but very practical. The mahogany furniture after the mid-Qing Dynasty used broad-leaved Dalbergia, Barry Dalbergia, and Cochin Dalbergia more. These redwoods became 'old redwood'; the knife-shaped Dalbergia and Black Dalbergia called black rosewood were rarely used. It is hardly seen in the old mahogany furniture that can be seen; Dalbergia is the so-called new mahogany that is still used in large quantities in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. Extended reading: Why is the national standard of mahogany now 33 kinds of wood? 2. The Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas dominated by Shanghai: defined by the DB32/T368-2000 'Mahogany Product Manufacturing Process Quality Requirements' issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau on January 10, 2000, 'Mahogany refers to red sandalwood, ebony, and stripes. A general term for ebony, rosewood, wenge and rosewood.” The Shanghai Bureau of Technical Supervision stipulates that six species of rosewood, gall, ebony, wenge, rosewood and rosewood produced in Southeast Asia are rosewood, and the rest are Can not be called mahogany. From this, it can be found that the local standards of Shanghai and Jiangsu have obvious defects, that is, the names mentioned have no scientific names and family genres, nor do they specify their proportion, material color, and structure. It is difficult to accurately grasp in practice. 3. Guangzhou Pearl River Delta: Before and before the Republic of China, Guangzhou always referred to mahogany as 'rosewoodDue to its unique advantages in foreign trade, Guangzhou imported a large amount of rosewood for furniture manufacturing very early, and the classification of rosewood (ie rosewood) was also realistic. In the 1990s, the classification of rosewood was: 1. Real rosewood ——The dark heartwood of rosewood and rosewood of Dalbergia spp., Dalbergia spp. and Dalbergia spp. of Pterocarpus spp. 2. Mahogany-like wood-including chicken wing wood and grid wood. 3. On behalf of mahogany-including Pontianak and Borog. 4. Non-mahogany-including hard miscellaneous woods of the genus Azuki, red new lacquer, Burmese red lacquer, etc. Generally, the three types of wood of 2, 3, and 4 are excluded from the mahogany. Extended reading: Mahogany new national standard 'General technical requirements for mahogany furniture' GB28010-2011 Of course, the classification of mahogany in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai has a lot to do with local customs and business habits. The classification of mahogany can refer to the national standard of mahogany, and the name and classification of mahogany in the national standard should also be referred to during the purchase process.
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