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High-quality wood not listed in the national standard of mahogany

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-27
Mahogany furniture refers to furniture made of classical mahogany such as rosewood and rosewood. It is the general term for high-quality rare hardwood furniture since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Since the 1980s, the demand for mahogany furniture has increased, and the industry urgently needs to be regulated. The country has regulated mahogany according to indicators such as density, and standardized mahogany into two families, five genera, eight categories, and thirty-three types. However, in the classical furniture industry, there are many high-quality hardwood materials that are not included in the 'Redwood' national standard, and these 'legacy beads' of the 'Redwood' national standard still make many fine products. 'Tough guy'-Xiaoye Hongtan furniture. Although Xiaoye Hongtan has not been included in the national standard of 'RedwoodThe material is also known to everyone. At first hearing the name 'XiaoyehongtanXiaoye Hongtan is a kind of dark and precious hardwood furniture. The wood is hard or even extremely hard, with high strength and good abrasion resistance. It is a full 'tough guy' among the woods. Its heartwood is reddish-brown, with interlaced wood grains, and a fine and uniform structure. These high-quality characteristics have attracted attention from the small leaf red sandalwood. The texture, color and structure of red sandalwood are similar to those of red rosewood, so it has been used by unscrupulous merchants to imitate red rosewood. The furniture of Xiaoye Hongtan gives full play to the high-quality characteristics of the wood itself and has been recognized by consumers. The current product positioning of Zhongshan Muyuan Hongmu Furniture Co., Ltd. is to focus on lobular red sandalwood furniture. According to the company, non-national standard mahogany may not be sold at a good price. The high-quality characteristics of lobular red sandalwood have begun to be appreciated by the market and consumers. Recognized. Related reading: Are Lushi black rosewood and big leaf rosewood furniture mahogany furniture? The emperor's wood-golden silk nan furniture 'The golden silk comes out of the river, the wood grain has gold silk. The most beautiful nanmu, the sun or the pattern of the human landscape.' This is 'Museum Guide' (Minggutai) In the record of nanmu, the nanmu here is golden nanmu. Because this wood is rich in yellow-white sediments and highly reflective, on the yellow-brown greenish board surface, it presents golden yellow silk-like patterns, which are as beautiful as gold silk. The shiny golden yellow of Jin Si Nan makes this kind of furniture show a bit noble. my country's Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hubei and other provinces have grown golden nanmu. Historically, these woods were mostly used in the construction of palaces. The emperor’s dragon chair was also made of high-quality golden nanmu. In ancient times, Jinsinan had a symbol of imperial power and dignity, and it was forbidden by ordinary people, so it was also called the wood of the emperor. In the old days, Wang Xietang's Yan Yan flew into the homes of ordinary people. Nowadays, it is no longer a rare thing to see golden nanmu furniture in the market. The Luohan beds and palace chairs of golden nanmu are more common in the market. Jinsinan furniture is very popular among consumers in the market, first of all because of its stable wood properties and elegant wood grain. What is important is that ordinary consumers can now feel the dignity that only the emperor could enjoy in the past. 'Princess of pattern'-Brazilian rosewood Brazilian rosewood furniture is called Brazilian rosewood. Although it is called the name of 'flower pearBahua, the scientific name Gu Yi Sumu, is mainly produced in tropical Africa and is one of the most beautiful textures in the world. The growth cycle of Bahua is very long. Affected by factors such as wind, rain and soil, the wood will have many concave-convex pits, which make the texture of the wood infinitely variable, usually with wave patterns, pearl patterns, ball patterns, grimace patterns, and wood-reflecting patterns. And so on, can be described as a well-deserved 'pattern princess'. As one of the dark precious hardwoods, Bahua has also received attention from the furniture industry. Bahua furniture not only has the characteristics of high-quality mahogany material, but more importantly, it has various forms, beautiful and elegant wood grains. These special beautiful patterns make the furniture look like a beautiful coat, which is extremely popular with consumers. As the saying goes, 'wood is divided into rosewood and red sandalwood, and people are divided into three or six or nine grades.' Different types of wood have their own unique features. The thirty-three materials contained in the national standard of 'Redwood' are inevitably omitted, and there are many non-national standard mahogany such as lobular red sandalwood and golden nan. If the characteristics of these woods can be fully utilized, the dilemma of resource shortage will be relieved and more traditional furniture boutiques can be produced. 'Fragrant wood'-African sandalwood African sandalwood furniture Speaking of sandalwood, people's first reaction is Chinese medicinal materials and spices, but this sandalwood is not that of sandalwood. Although the names of African sandalwood and sandalwood are only two-character difference, the actual wood difference is tens of thousands of miles. African sandalwood, also known as sandalwood rosewood, is distributed in East Africa, Southern Africa, South Africa and other places. The material has high density and strength, beautiful patterns, dark brown heartwood with black stripes, and is very suitable as a high-end furniture material. In addition to some high-quality wood characteristics, African sandalwood also emits a special fragrance. Therefore, in Jiangsu, China, people call African sandalwood as sandalwood. The scent of African sandalwood is very popular among consumers. The combination of a piece of furniture from the African sandalwood series in the bedroom will make the whole bedroom emit a light scent, which is refreshing. At present, in the mahogany furniture market, wood such as Siamese rosewood is facing a scarcity situation, and people in the industry are looking for alternatives to mahogany. Although African sandalwood does not belong to the five genera and eight categories, its color, wood properties, texture, etc. are better than many mahogany varieties in the national standard, and many mahogany furniture manufacturers are beginning to try to use this wood.
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