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High-end home furnishing focuses on providing convenience in life

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-30
It has been decades since China has entered a rapidly developing modern society. Residents’ lives have long been very different from those in the past. The days of burning wood for cooking and carrying water for laundry no longer exist. With the improvement of the social economy and the accumulation of residents' wealth, people's attention to home life is no longer comparable. During the National Day this year, 400,000 people wiped out Japan's consumption of about 5.2 billion yuan. Japanese cosmeceuticals, small home appliances, and household items were snapped up. For the Chinese in the new era, it is imperative to improve the quality of life at home. Compared with ordinary residents, what is the focus of high-end home furnishing to create a high-quality life? In fact, whether it is the advancement of science and technology or the improvement of production levels, there is always only one direction for social development: to make life more convenient. High-end home furnishings are no exception, but this convenience is somewhat different. Convenient lifestyle differences in life make the 'convenience' in the eyes of high-end people and ordinary salaried people different. For example, in the bathroom, most people think that it is convenient to have a shower room with hot water at all times. For high-end people, it is convenient to take a shower when you want to take a shower and take a comfortable bath when you want to take a bath. High-end people’s requirements for convenience in life are more in line with class attributes. From the planning and layout of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, everything must meet the living habits and tastes of high-end people. Therefore, they will look for professional brands like Dixin Furniture. Create a comfortable and warm home. For example, many high-end people will equip a nanny room at home, and Dixin will design the nanny room close to the kitchen and laundry room, and set up a private bathroom to avoid conflict and embarrassment between the nanny's work and life. . Another example is the design of a separate Chinese and Western kitchen. The western kitchen is responsible for the non-smoke-free parts such as washing vegetables, washing dishes, and preparing desserts, so that the housewife can spend less time in the kitchen cooking alone, and can accompany her husband and children while washing vegetables and dishes. Chatting is fun. Such a design is convenient for high-end people. Social convenience When it comes to the difference between high-end people and the general public, it is necessary to talk about social interaction. The social life of high-end people is extremely rich. They have a wide network of contacts. Whether they are relatives or friends or leading colleagues at work, it is very important to maintain the friendship between each other. It is extremely convenient to use a home with a harmonious atmosphere as a social place. The living room, dining room and other public areas of high-end people are very particular. In Dixin’s view, the sum of the area of u200bu200bthe dining room and kitchen must be equal to the area of u200bu200bthe living room to meet the entertainment and dining needs of the same people, creating a harmonious relationship between people and home. Harmonious relationship. The Italian leather sofa in the living room is simple yet gorgeous, and the combined coffee table is unique in shape and can be taken apart for use, taking care of every guest; the family wine cabinet is not only a chic scenery in the living room but also very practical, necessary for family gatherings; and more The functional western kitchen allows you to prepare food while chatting with guests, and the stylish bar also adds to the atmosphere; the family banquet restaurant does not have large or small seats, no matter if there are many people or few people, it can form a good atmosphere of communication. In such a home, life and communication are both right. Related reading: High-end home furnishings must be fashionable enough to be 'gorgeous and simple'. In addition to dining and rest, convenience homes are also important places for leisure and entertainment. Instead of going to the noisy streets after get off work, it is better to go back home and watch a movie. Have a glass of red wine. High-end home furnishings are not only convenient in terms of relaxation and leisure, in addition to their pleasing appearance, they are more like being built for exquisite life. Home theaters, relaxing terraces, fragrant tea rooms, etc., as long as you want, Dixin can create it for you. Sitting at the bar with a glass of red wine and chatting with the wife who is cutting fruit, or playing a blues song, the two of them talk freely, and the happiness of life suddenly rises. On weekends, you can also learn how to make pastries in the western kitchen by yourself, or lazily nest on the soft sofa to watch entertainment shows. It is also a good choice to invite one or two friends to your home for a small gathering. And the wine cabinets, beautiful kitchens, moody bars, and comfortable sofas you need are waiting for your favor. And so on is the convenience of high-end home furnishings. (Author: Lin Hongmei)
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