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Hardware accessories unique to Chinese furniture are also an art

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-18
The hardware accessories of traditional Chinese furniture refer to the various decorations inlaid on cabinets, boxes, cupboards, chairs, wrappers, leaves, handles, and joints, etc., which are inlaid on furniture, like hairpins. Ladies, should be declared accordingly. Gustav Ike, the author of 'Chinese Rosewood Furniture DrawingsThe arrangement of these accessories sometimes seems to be based on the knowledge of the golden section.' 'Hinges, handles, and box buckles' are the three main types of traditional hardware accessories. Among them, 'handles' have their own different patterns and characteristics. Names, and these different patterns, respectively, convey different meanings and the desire for beauty and harmony. Such careful crafting is the reason why ancient Chinese handicrafts can have such brilliant achievements. Related reading: How to maintain the furniture hardware fittings of the whole cabinet [Hinge] Hinge, which means 'rotation' is good and auspicious. The pages of the hinge are also mostly based on traditional auspicious culture, such as auspicious clouds, which means longevity and longevity. [Handle] Handle, 'hold' the golden dragon and official career. The handle is in the eye-catching position of the furniture, the production is more refined, the content is more extensive, and the dragon head handle is more common. The dragon is a symbol of power and dignity for the emperor, and a symbol of strength and virtue for the people. The dragon has extremely powerful vitality, invincible and invincible. 'Hui' pattern, its meaning is far-reaching fortune and longevity, auspicious and long 'ruyi cloud' is interconnected and twists and turns, which means continuous; 'flowing cloud pattern' is composed of smooth and convoluted lines forming complex and changeable ribbon-like patterns; The 'rising cloud pattern' is like a flowing rising cloud. The handle is sometimes equipped with a simple door latch. The meaning of 'fish' is more than every year; 'wan' is an auspicious sign, and the strokes of the word 'wan' stretch in four directions, representing the sun's radiant rays, bringing people warmth.囍, habitually called 'Double HappinessThere is also a flower basket-shaped handle, which looks like a small flower basket with delicate engravings, which looks like an official hat. The flower basket means that the flowers are in full bloom and the future is bright; the official hat means a broad career. Butterflies mean prosperous, and the vase shape is a symbol of peace. 【Box buckle】Box buckle, 'latch' happiness and longevity. The cultural themes of 'Fu' and 'Shou' are the most common for box buckles. In combination, there are auspicious meanings such as 'a hundred years of harmony, happiness and longevity'. 'One Hundred Years of Harmony' refers to a life of harmony, unity and smooth sailing, and 'Blessings and Longevity' refers to happiness and longevity. The bottom of the buckle is equipped with a round ruyi moire ornament, which means continuous longevity. (Original title: How much do you know about wooden furniture hardware accessories)
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