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Hardware accessories are the key to improving the quality of furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-13
The position of hardware accessories in furniture is very important. The reason why high-end furniture is good is that on the one hand, it has good materials and strong craftsmanship; on the other hand, the quality of the selected hardware is good, and its storage function depends entirely on the configuration of the hardware. In addition to the material factor, the configuration of hardware is an important difference between high-end and low-end furniture. The key to the quality of hardware depends on the smoothness of the surface, and pay attention to the feeling when it is opened. It is required to be smooth and free, no noise or low noise. The quality of hardware directly affects the overall quality of a set of furniture, which is vital to the normal use and life of the furniture. If a good set of furniture is of high quality, it creates a high-quality living space; then, the hardware is the elf in this space, dutifully defending the peace and tranquility of the furniture. The inconvenience of using furniture is largely caused by improper selection or lack of hardware accessories. The quality and grade of furniture is largely reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The falling off of the cabinet door and the irritating squeaking noise are generally caused by inferior accessories. 'As long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex and multifunctional furniture can be made.' It can be seen that the role of hardware in furniture is very important. Excellent hardware accessories are the key to ensuring the quality of furniture. For example, the importance of hinges, regardless of the size, weight, or weight of the cabinet door, at least 3 hinges must be installed on each door to ensure the normal service life of the hinge and prevent the door from being twisted and deformed. When choosing a hinge, you should pay attention to several points: one is to consider the material and structure of the door; the second is to consider the size, thickness and weight of the door; the third is to consider the opening frequency of the door; the fourth is to consider the decorative effect; the fifth is to consider Humid air, dust and other eroding environmental damage; Sixth, we must consider the price. A good hinge can be matched with the corresponding hinge according to the space and the opening angle of the cabinet door, so that the cabinet door can be stretched under various conditions. For another example, a set of unique upper slide hinges allows people to easily have beautiful folding cabinet doors. This kind of hinge overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional glide path design that is easy to accumulate dust and is not beautiful, and allows the cabinet door to slide freely along the upper track, which has a unique flavor. People often say: Quality lies in the details. The quality of furniture is largely determined by the hardware accessories used. The design and development of furniture hardware should be based on the people-oriented principle, pursuing safety, convenience, environmental protection, and speed. Only by continuously researching and developing high-tech products can we catch up with the world's advanced level.
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