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Golden Pomelo-Tyrant Gold in Wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-28
Golden teak, the scientific name African disc bean, belongs to the disc bean genus of the mimosa family. Commonly known as: green mulberry, disc bean, belong to the mimosa family. The wood has luster; the raw material has an unpleasant smell, usually without special smell and taste; the grain is staggered, and the structure is fine and uniform; it is a high-quality solid wood floor material. The wood is very heavy (air-dry density 1.07g/cm3), shrinkage is very large; high strength (compressive strength along the grain 76.1Mpa, bending strength 128.9 Mpa). The heartwood is golden brown to reddish brown with luster. Stable material properties, abrasion resistance and termite resistance. Mainly distributed in Africa, rich in Gabon and Congo, of which Gabon is especially precious. The tropical rainforest climate of the Ashanti Plateau is volatile. The average temperature at the equator is mostly above 40°C, and the precipitation varies significantly. The complicated climatic environment not only makes the disc bean has a wide range of adaptability and stability, but also makes it accumulate the unique charm conferred by the environment. Teak is a tropical tree species that requires higher temperatures, and its vertical distribution is mostly seen in low hills and plains below 700-800 meters above sea level. Teak will not warp or crack under the conditions of large changes in the sun and rain; it has strong water and fire resistance; it is resistant to termites and sea worms in different sea areas, and is extremely resistant to corrosion. Good drying performance, good adhesion, paint, waxing performance, because the silicon is easy to dull the knife, so it is difficult to cut during processing. It has good nail-holding power and good overall performance, so it is a world-recognized precious tree species. Teak wood properties: teak has luster, the best made in Myanmar, teak is oily and bright, the wood color is uniform, and the texture is straight. The thick fiber in teak structure, the weight is medium, the drying shrinkage coefficient is very small, and the drying shrinkage rate ranges from raw wood to air-drying radial direction 2.2%, chord direction 4.0%, which is the smallest kind of deformation coefficient in wood, and has good bending resistance. Wear-resistant, air-dry density is 0.65g/cm3 (dry material weight is about 650 kg/m3). It will not warp or crack under the condition of large changes in the sun and rain. The tropical rainforest climate of the Ashanti Plateau is volatile. The average temperature at the equator is mostly above 40℃, and the precipitation varies significantly. The complicated climatic environment not only makes the 'Pan Bean' widely adaptable and stable, it also accumulates the unique charm conferred by the environment. The geographical environment and climatic characteristics make the material itself unique in beauty and texture. The dark band-like stripes are shiny, which is clearly distinguished from the sapwood. In the structure, the wood is very resistant to corrosion, abrasion resistance and weather resistance. The air-dry density is 0.61-0.99g/cubic centimeter. After the wood is dried, it will be yellowish brown or dark brown. The material is hard, slightly oily, has good stability, and has good natural corrosion resistance. Suitable for furniture, floor, decoration, etc. Disc beans and heavy ant wood are like twin brothers in high-end floors. The former is produced in Africa and the latter comes from the Brazilian rain forest. Brazilians make semi-finished wood flooring and ship them across the ocean to China, while Africans only know how to sell logs to local Chinese merchants. Although they are separated by thousands of miles, they have the same effect: high strength, dense texture, good polishability, and strong nail-holding power; especially in terms of color, the texture is distinct, with red, yellow, cyan, and green tones. They are used in solid wood flooring. The manufacturing industry has been widely used. Related reading: How about teak furniture of solid wood furniture? Advantages: The color is darker and denser, that is, heavier. It caters to the darker the Chinese people, and the heavier the higher the grade. The dark color is indeed very high. At the same time, the density is high, which means it is relatively firm. There are basically no small holes in a slight hit, and the ability to resist hits is very strong. Disadvantages: the color of wood species is relatively dark, and the color difference between sapwood and heartwood is very large, resulting in a small amount of wood used, and the value of the wood will increase!
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