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Furniture will also get used to bad habits. Be cautious when using furniture that is too comfortable.

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-18
When choosing furniture, function, material, design, price, brand... are all factors that consumers pay great attention to. But many people don't understand the truth: good furniture is what really suits their physical conditions. Conversely, long-term use of furniture that is not suitable for the body may cause muscle damage. And this is one of the causes of various joint diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylopathy. For this reason, doctor Chen Zhaojun, an orthopedic specialist, tells you how to choose and use furniture is best for your body. Orthopedic expert Chen Zhaojun is inevitable when furniture encounters a bad habit. Fan Xiao Dai is a fan of the German team. Now his favorite team has won the championship. He also went to the hospital because he stayed up late to watch the football. The lumbar spine has been injured in different situations. Xiao Dai was puzzled: He was obviously lying on the bed (bedding brand collection) to watch the ball, and his neck and waist were comfortably cushioned by the bed and pillows. How could it hurt? Dr. Chen, Xiao Dai’s attending doctor, said that young people like Xiao Dai, lying on the sofa (sofa brand collection) and half-lying on the bed watching TV, will cause muscle imbalance and cause serious damage to the spine. Bone diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation. The spine is most stable when a person is upright. Therefore, it seems reasonable that the ancients pay attention to 'stand and sit, sit and sit'. Since keeping the neck upright is the best, what should we do? Doctor Chen suggested that nesting in the sofa must be avoided, and it is best to put a pillow on the neck when lying on the side and on the back, so that the neck is kept in an upright state. When lying on the side, the pillow is higher, and the distance from ear to shoulder is the optimal height of the pillow; when lying on the back, the pillow is lower, and the distance from the back of the neck to the bed is the optimal height of the pillow. [Fact] Sofas and beds are not necessarily “comfortable”. Today's furniture market is already the world of soft beds. There is no doubt that a soft bed is comfortable to sleep in, but is it really suitable for Chinese people's physical conditions? According to Dr. Chen, the best sleep state for people is to let the muscles be in a relaxed state, not a relaxed state. Many people go to the extreme and think that they are soft enough to get adequate rest. 'If this is the case, martial arts practitioners and soldiers should sleep on soft beds.' There have always been divergent opinions on the softness and hardness of the bed and the sofa. Doctor Chen put forward his own suggestions for bone health. He said that when a person is lying down, the waist and abdomen must have a certain amount of strength, and at the same time get a certain amount of rest, which is the best state. For the Chinese, the plank bed + thick cushion is the best match. Similarly, when we are sitting, the tail vertebra and the two sitting bones support the body together. If the sofa is too soft, there will be too much force at a certain point. When the three-point support becomes two or even one point, the force is unbalanced, and the harm to the bones can be imagined. 'Ming and Qing furniture designs contain both classical culture and health concepts, which I personally admire.' Dr. Chen said, the wood material is relatively hard, and a cushion with moderate hardness can better maintain the body. Standing upright reduces the probability of suffering from cervical and lumbar diseases. Personal customization should not be superficial, but should pay more attention to human scale. Customized furniture is a trend in the current furniture market, but many consumers often have very limited starting points, focusing on appearance and not knowing ergonomics, so such customized furniture is only tailor-made It's style, not healthy usage. At the same time, looking at all kinds of furniture in the market, even though they claim to be 'well-known designs and well-known brandsAfter buying a house and moving into a new home, Dr. Chen said frankly that many furniture designs now lack ergonomic research, and sales staff seldom assist consumers from a professional perspective. At the same time, consumers don’t understand how they should be relative to furniture. The relationship is correct. Therefore, once furniture that does not meet the body's scale is used for a long time, the body will not be able to maintain a healthy posture. In the long run, it will cause great damage to the human body.
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