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Furniture taste

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-12
Mr. Shi Tao of the book 'Style' has published his views on taste in a fashion magazine. Among them, there are six grades of views on furniture taste. The number of furniture beyond the taste is small, often without a bed and wardrobe. Like home-made furniture, such as outdated home-made sofas, which are covered with cotton covers, and there must be many nice cushions on them. The table may be nailed with heavy wood by itself, it is strong and durable, and it is very low like other furniture. In addition, I like to use the stool as a coffee table. Tasteful people mainly use antique furniture. Sometimes there are two pieces of Western-style furniture mixed. The bed is often polished ironwork, and the sofa is covered with cotton cloth. The top is covered with cushions of various colors and textures. The sofas imported from Italy and the United States by the trend-followers are huge in size and are made of leather or large floral fabric; marble or glass-surfaced dining tables; brand-new large oriental carpets; chairs and desks imitating European partitions; and intricately wrinkled curtains. You can usually see a bar counter with mirrors and spotlights, which contains a variety of foreign and parallel wines, and perhaps a tall bar stool. The cumbersome furnishings of the traditional advocator remain unchanged, and cabinets of various sizes are indispensable. The dark tones filled the quiet atmosphere. The corner sofas are made of genuine leather or imitation leather, brown glass coffee tables, black TV cabinets, and the bedrooms are often covered with brazed carpets. Most tasteless people are the desks, chairs, sofas, and cabinets that were invited to be humans in the 1980s, and occasionally you can see old-fashioned desks and chairs received from agencies. The paint on them is still faintly recognizable. There is often one in the living room. The wrecked writing desk has photos under the glass plate above it.
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