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Furniture not to be underestimated-wooden seat

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-23
When we admire a piece of jade, a piece of porcelain or bamboo and wood teeth corners, we often overlook the seats, tables, stands, and frames prepared for them. These small wooden utensils are used to hold other objects, and people call them 'wooden nursery, wooden seat'. The appearance of the wooden seat not only plays the role of a stand, but also adds color to the furnishings of handicrafts, and also enriches the types of wooden utensils. Among wooden furniture, tables, chairs, stools, cabinets, etc. are large pieces; on the contrary, furniture that looks like a large piece but has a very small size and is mainly used for viewing is called a small piece. There were many types of small pieces in the Ming and Qing dynasties, reaching hundreds of them. The underframes and seats like mirrors and screens are also small pieces of furniture, so the wooden brackets and seats prepared for various utensils should belong to the category of small pieces of furniture. The wooden seat is made for precious works of art, so its own materials are also very particular, mostly made of hardwood. The common ones are red sandalwood and rosewood. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the production of various handicrafts achieved unprecedented development, and the level of craftsmanship reached its peak. The division of labor is clear, and professional workshops of different categories have been produced. The manufacturing process of the wooden seat is basically the same as that of the large piece of furniture, and the main component adopts a tenon and tenon structure. However, larger pieces of furniture with wooden seats use more swim bladder glue. Similarly, the wooden seat also has a waistband, a dental board, and three playing legs. The decoration techniques include relief carving, hollow carving, hollow carving combined with ground carving, hollow and inlaid gold and silver silk patterns, hollow and inlaid ivory, inlaid bones, inlaid boxwood patterns and so on. The decorative theme of the wooden seat is extremely rich. There are auspicious patterns such as dragon, phoenix, chi, bat, cloud pattern, flower pattern, ganoderma pattern, pine, bamboo and plum. The wooden seat has various shapes and various types. The common types are as follows: 1. Tripod holders Tripod holders are brackets prepared for three-legged utensils. The tripod seat is mostly triangular, but also round. 2. The round (circle) foot device seat needs to place round (circle) foot objects on the seat surface, so the surface of this kind of bracket is mostly round, and the edge of the surface is raised to block the water to enclose the bottom foot of the device. . The smaller ones are mostly three-legged, and the larger ones are five-legged. 3. The change in the shape of the wooden seat is also a new one with the change of the cultural relics at that time. During the period from the Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China, the shapes of porcelain and crafts of various textures changed greatly, so the shape of the wooden base was also colorful, and the bottom of the utensils held by the conformal base was mostly conformal. Although the wooden seat is small, it contains all the craftsmanship of wooden furniture. Its shape is unruly and ever-changing, which is a wonderful work in wooden furniture. At the same time, it also reflects the level of furniture craftsmanship at that time from the side. In addition, it is mostly made of high-grade wood such as red sandalwood and rosewood, which increases its value.
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