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Furniture Formaldehyde Excessive Standard Harmful

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-13
Ms. Song, who was newly married, had two births in a year, and her husband would feel dizzy, nauseous, and crying after staying in the new house for a long time. Then see the silk clothes hanging in the big cupboard gradually fade and become brittle, please come The old furniture master who 'consulted' immediately suspected that it was the formaldehyde in the MDF furniture. Mr. Liu bought a set of blockboard children's furniture for his son, but within two months, his originally lively and lovely son became dull and dull. After diagnosis, the child has a large liver and high bilirubin. The doctor said that similar cases have been seen in recent years, most of which are caused by excessively high levels of formaldehyde released in furniture. According to the Furniture Professional Office of the Consumers Association, there are more and more consultations or complaints about pungent and unpleasant furniture. Last year, there were on average every other day. However, since the country does not yet have a special standard for testing the formaldehyde content of furniture, it is quite tricky to handle such complaints. So, is it really impossible to detect excessive formaldehyde content in furniture? Experts from the Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Station said: 'Yes!' Because the country has strict standards for the amount of formaldehyde emissions from wood such as plywood, particleboard, fine wood, and medium-density fiberboard, and furniture is generally made of these woods. As long as sampling and testing, it is inevitable to escape the 'eye-catching eyes' of the instrument. Of course, this type of testing requires destructive sampling of furniture, which is often difficult for consumers to accept. However, if the 'exclusion method' is adopted, it can also be explained, that is, indoors with furniture and without furniture are tested successively. For example, indoors with furniture, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air exceeds 0.08 milligrams per cubic meter of national mandatory health standards. , And the unfurnished room does not exceed the standard, you can immediately tell the truth. It is reported that since 1999, the establishment of a material inspection station has to act as a 'fair referee' for dozens of disputes about the formaldehyde content of furniture every year, and the judgment results have convinced the parties. However, some consumers have suggested that when buying furniture in a big shopping mall, the nose is not so good because of the large space. When they move home and smell the pungent smell, they will always feel a lot of trouble even if there is proof that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. For this reason, they called for the already launched floor inspection service to be extended to the furniture, that is, the fair quality inspection agency will check the formaldehyde content of the factory furniture before the sale, and the qualified ones will be affixed with a green mark, so that you can be absolutely assured when buying. NS.
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