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Furniture design enters the era of strategic design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-07
Furniture is a product with profound cultural connotations. It is not only the unity of technology and art, but also the unity of tradition and innovation. When designing furniture, designers must take people's material needs into consideration and meet people's spiritual needs. Western design ideas have begun to penetrate into China in the 1970s, but in terms of introducing industrial design concepts into the business activities of enterprises more generally, Chinese furniture companies can be said to have just begun. Nowadays, furniture companies in our country have gradually transitioned from 'no design' or 'imitation design' to 'designed' stage. The furniture market determines that manufacturers must adapt to the new changes in the market, take their own strategic step, and develop their own unique brand path. This determines that companies must pay more attention to product design and adopt scientific design methods. The arrival of the era of strategic design Over the years, the development of the furniture industry has created many boss-style designers. Plagiarizing foreign furniture has become the source of product design for most manufacturers, completely neglecting the original design of enterprises. For many furniture companies, they have not found an effective design method in their design practice. In the process of design, designers often design for design, and lack a systematic understanding of the purpose of design, design ideas, and design objects. However, with the protection of intellectual property rights and restrictions on the circulation of materials, many manufacturers who rely on plagiarism for a living have sadly withdrawn from the furniture market. Here, the author will discuss the strategic design method in the era of strategic competition based on the theory of design innovation and combined with his many years of furniture design experience. It is also the core issue of the strategic design method that most companies lack most-design innovation. Design core competitiveness, in a nutshell, is innovation u003d user behavior observation + scientific design methods. That is, the problem-solving ability of 'design' is applied to all the strategic problems faced by the enterprise. Use an objective and frank attitude to clarify the problem, clarify the action goal, and then organize the process of solving the problem with professional forces in a professional way. For example, the dryers that we often see in the restrooms of hotels and guesthouses. At first, the products designed by designers were more square and upright, and they were operated by touch switches, and the design of the switches was very small. In the process of use, male consumers tend to put cigarette butts on it; as a public appliance, more consumers are not willing to touch the button with their hands, but choose to use the elbow or the back of the hand to hit the button. Later, a large Japanese company requested to improve this product. The designer discovered these problems in time by observing the behavior of consumers for a long time, and designed the appearance of the product with a smaller arc shape on the upper part; it also replaced it with a sensing device. power switch button. Through these improvements, it has become a popular product. The above examples show that with the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of the level of competition, design has become the strategic commanding heights of enterprises, and modern industry has quietly entered the 'strategic design era'. Furniture design should consider the needs of consumers. For many furniture companies today, many designers fail to follow the first five steps in the design process. The so-called “Ru0026D design” blindly ignores consumers and does not truly reflect the purpose of design-to meet the needs of consumers. In fact, whether it is a furniture company or a furniture designer, we should know that the products designed are aimed at It should be consumers. As a designer, if you don’t observe user behavior and don’t know what people really want, then the products he designs will become water without a source, a tree without roots, and lack sustainability. The vitality of development. Each nation has its own specific identity, language and culture, which also creates its unique way of commodity circulation and display, which expresses their needs for local users. As a designer, we must not only have the enthusiasm for design, but also be full of game spirit in design. We must not only design the things that users can see, but also design the side that users can’t see. We have to change the 'Mona Lisa' Inherent concepts give the design some actions, such as the No. 5 key on our mobile phones, etc. These are what we usually call humanized design. In addition, there are too few top-level furniture design masters in my country. If a company does not have its own designer or design, it will be overwhelmed by the era of fierce strategic competition, and it will also not be able to achieve the growth and sustainable development of the company. The growth of good designers will also depend on good scientific design methods. Practice without theory is blind, and theory without practice is also untenable. I sincerely hope that the discussion in this article can arouse people in the industry. Attention, so as to jointly promote the development of our country’s furniture design industry and establish a real furniture design system in our country.
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