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Furniture configuration through four-dimensional design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-08
In the decoration design ideas of traditional rooms, only the ground, wall and roof are considered, which is only a three-dimensional design. Nowadays, the color, brand, and style of furniture are taken into consideration in the design of room decoration. This is the four-dimensional design. The four-dimensional design aims to seek the overall effect of the room space, making the whole design more harmonious and more cultural. Here are one-piece, contrast type. All-in-one: The use of warm-toned wall coatings, wooden floors and modern European-style furniture, supplemented by bright lights, fully reflects the warmth of home. The mirror frames of various modern decorative paintings are widely used in wall decoration. The graceful and luxurious European-style flat top gives people an excitement and enthusiasm, and the novel and unique ceiling makes people think about it. In order to increase the depth of the space, it is also possible to design a gradually progressive ceiling. When choosing light-colored modern furniture, interior decoration is usually considered, which is characterized by simplicity, naturalness, originality and uniqueness. The suspended ceiling and wall are made of latex paint, and the paint color is close to the color of the sofa surface, giving it a sense of integration. The ceiling and furniture are matched with simple shapes, bright colors, and smooth lines, which echo the style of the entire room. Contrast: choose light-colored furniture (such as milky white furniture) indoors, and the milky white walls and dark red ground form a strong color contrast, which will produce a better spatial artistic effect. Contrary to the color tone of the general bedroom. The furniture and walls are dark in color, the ground is light-colored wooden floor, and the ceiling is painted in light-colored paint, making the interior space full of artistic interest. The use of dark solid wood furniture, white ceiling, lake blue wallpaper, and light-colored floor make the living room permeated with classic style, showing the grace and luxury of the palace.
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