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Furniture common sense that furniture consumers have to know

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-14
Furniture Subdivision Eight categories of furniture are generally divided into wood (made) furniture, dark precious hardwood furniture, mahogany furniture, metal furniture, upholstered furniture, spring soft mattresses, upholstered beds and other furniture. Solid wood veneers cannot pretend to be 'all solid wood' furniture. The product labeling strictly implements a set (object) one sign system. Consumers should pay attention to the name when purchasing. Except for layering) furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels. Among them, solid wood panels refer to solid wood materials formed by secondary processing of wood such as jointed timber and laminated timber. The solid wood veneer furniture refers to furniture whose base material is solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels, and solid wood veneer or veneer (veneer) is applied on the surface. Leather sofas are not 'full-leather sofas.' Full-leather sofas refer to sofas covered with natural animal leather on the outside of the product (except for the bottom of the seat surface). The leather sofa refers to a sofa whose contact surface is covered with the same kind of natural animal leather, and other exterior parts can be covered with artificial materials or textile fabrics. Sofas are also divided into artificial leather sofas, recycled leather sofas, fabric sofas, cloth leather sofas and other types. They are called soft furniture together with spring soft mattresses and palm fiber elastic mattresses. In addition, when the product uses multiple materials, the material names of all the elastic materials used should be marked, such as: concave springs, snake springs, elastic bandages, foam plastics, etc.
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