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Furniture color

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-12
The hue and brightness of the color of furniture can affect the appetite and mood of the object of use, so you should pay attention to the color of the furniture when buying furniture. Orange is regarded as a very bold color, but also a symbol of vitality, a lively and inspiring color. Gray is a mixed color of black and white. The use of gray tones depends on whether it is more white or black. Gray has no characteristics of its own and is easily integrated with the surrounding environment. Purple is a transitional color, which contains two opposite sides, because it is a mixture of active red and passive blue. Purple expresses the unrest and imbalance in the interior, and it is both mysterious and charming. Red can achieve a vibrant effect, which is why red should be chosen to make the room more vibrant. Colors paired with red tend to be overshadowed, but black and white paired with it are particularly radiant. Brown is the original color of wood and land. It makes people feel safe and cordial. In a room with brown furniture, it is easier for people to feel at home. Brown is also the ideal color for floors, because brown makes people feel stable. Blue signifies calmness and introversion. Light blue is friendly, expandable, and easy to create atmosphere; dark blue is firm and compact. Green is a quiet color, especially suitable for bedrooms. Pure green is the quietest, light green is more indifferent, but very fresh.
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