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Furniture collection Asian raw materials are the first choice?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-16
When it comes to the collection of furniture, mahogany is inseparable. In 1985, the famous Chinese collector Wang Shixiang wrote the book 'Ming Furniture TreasuresThirty years later, the price of mahogany furniture has soared. In the past ten years, it has been doubling in a straight line at an average annual rate. Until 2015, the mahogany industry experienced unprecedented in-depth adjustments, with sluggish demand, market downturn, store closures, and business closures. After a series of changes in the industry, the auction prices of mahogany furniture continued to set new records. This shows the high-end mahogany furniture. Consumer demand is still strong. In this craze for the collection of mahogany furniture, the reporter found that many new investors have a lot of confusion. At the same time, in recent years, more and more non-Asian mahogany materials have entered the Chinese market. What kind of mahogany furniture? It has more collection value, and how to choose the mahogany furniture with collection value has become the topic of most concern to investors. At the Luxury Appreciation Exhibition held in Guangzhou last Wednesday, experts and professionals from the mahogany collection shared their professional views. Qing Dynasty Qianlong red sandalwood hexagonal table A. Why should Asian materials be the first choice for investment in collection furniture? Yangcheng Evening News: In recent years, many non-Asian materials have entered the Chinese furniture market, such as African huanghuali, Zambian blood sandalwood, and micro-concave Dalbergia, what kind of furniture is more collectible than Asian materials? What is the reason? Zhao Jie: The collection of mahogany must be after the Ming Dynasty, because there was no mahogany furniture before the Ming Dynasty. There are many mahogany materials, including Africa, America, Asia, etc. in terms of regions. But because the purpose of collection is to invest in appreciation, and the materials of Ming and Qing furniture are basically around Asia, so if we want to collect and invest, we should still choose Asian wood as the first choice. Cai Xingwen: We generally mine wood in Southeast Asia. Because Southeast Asia is the Maritime Silk Road, these places have convenient transportation and have a set of identification standards. Therefore, we have introduced wood from these places to protect the interests of our customers. Africa has more virgin forests, and the amount of wood is also very large. However, the previous mode of transportation was waterway, there was no airplane shipping, etc., and foreign tribes also lived in the forest, it was difficult to mine, so we did not go to Africa to mine. The lack of clear and standardized appraisal standards is also a factor hindering its collection value. For example, the fake Pterocarpus striata, but due to the lack of professional identification and certification, it is easy to be confused with other species. The similarity between Indian sandalwood and Zambian blood sandalwood is also very high, the density difference is only about 0.1g/cm3, but the price difference is very far, two woods of the same size, Indian sandalwood The price is about 1 million yuan per ton, while the price of African Zambian blood sandalwood is 20,000 yuan per ton. Yangcheng Evening News: Why is the density of African Zambian blood sandalwood and Indian sandalwood red sandalwood only slightly different, but the price difference? Cai Xingwen: Because of the water and soil, the latitude and longitude of the growing place are different. This is like the difference between Hainan huanghuali and Vietnam huanghuali. Different production areas, quality differences, and scarcity differences have led to a very large price gap between Hainan huanghua pear and Vietnam huanghua pear. Taking aniseed as an example, Vietnam huanghua pear is about 5 million one ton, while Hainan huanghua pear is about 10 million a ton. Zambian blood sandalwood and Indian sandalwood rosewood have different levels of fertility in the places where they grow. The fertile wood grows faster, and the barren wood grows slowly. Moreover, 'the scarcity is the most preciousHowever, their prices are almost the same, with a price difference of about 1,000 yuan a ton. Related reading: 'Ten Quan Da Su' black heart mahogany furniture is cheap but not good! In the early Qing Dynasty, Tielima and Phoebe had a corseted five-screen Luohan bed B. The impact of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora on the price of mahogany. 'Convention' (new revision), there are 7 important redwood tree species in the first and second level protected plant list. Does this new regulation have a big impact on the market? Zhao Jie: It has a great impact on the price of redwood because the government has After the types of mahogany are controlled, the government conducts unified felling, unified auctions, and scientifically manages the production areas. The number of mining will be reduced, and the cost of purchasing raw materials will also increase significantly.
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